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The Emerging Trend of Uniquely-Flavored Candy & Sodas



At Redstone Foods, we understand the appeal of trying something bold and new. Candy is supposed to be fun and with these uniquely-flavored candy and sodas, we know your customers will be amazed by the imagination and creativity that goes into them.

We thought it would be fun to share with you some most uniquely-flavored candy bars and craft sodas that we have in stock. There’s so many options from natural sodas & candies, to artificially flavored ones. We can assure you that these sweet treats will turn any dull moment into one that is full of fun and astonishment.

From pickle-flavored gummies, to enchilada soda pop and even bacon-flavored cotton candy, this selection of products will definitely get the candy lovers talking. In fact, carrying any of these products will help your store create fond memories for the people who just came in to shop. We always are looking for ways to help you stand-out among the crowd.

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We believe these items allow your customers share a truly unique experience with their friends and family. All you have to do is start by carrying these uniquely-flavored candy and sodas in your stores!

Some uniquely-flavored candy that will turn heads inside your store:

Jelly Belly’s Bean Boozled spinner tin


Jelly Belly first introduced the Bean Boozled challenge to the world in 2008. This cleaver bit of trickery pits 2 identical-looking beans against each other, with flavors that couldn’t be any more different. Is it going to be birthday cake, or dirty dishwasher? Cappuccino, or liver and onions? Berry Blue, or toothpaste?

Here’s the catch: you won’t know until you eat them! If you are indeed brave enough to play, you can order these tins with the spinner-top game included here.

Flamethrower Candy’s Watermelon Ghost Pepper Hard Candy


Spicy candy certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you happen to know someone that loves the challenge of eating spicy foods, these watermelon hard candies will be right up their alley. Flamethrower Candy makes these with real ghost peppers for a super-spicy kick! Can your mouth handle it? Find out by ordering these today! Get them here.

GGB Giant Gummy Pickle

GGB-Giant-Gummy Pickle-4500G

If you’re a fan of cucumbers soaked in brine, your snacking options are pretty open. With so many different pickles and pickle flavors on the market today, you could have anything from a classic bread and butter pickle to a Kool-Aid pickle or even one soaked in chamoy.

Pickles are popular these days, and perhaps they just got a little more popular with GGB’s Giant Gummy Pickle. Yes this gummy candy tastes exactly like a dill pickle, but it’s even better, because it’s candy! Appeal to the pickle lovers in your life by ordering these gummies here.

Oinks Jalapeño-Seasoned Chocolate Covered Bacon


Have you ever sat down to breakfast and wondered why your bacon wasn’t covered with rich, creamy chocolate before? No? Well, oddly enough we have and that’s why we were stoked to find Oinks brand chocolate covered bacon!

First, they take crispy, jalapeño-smoked bacon and then cover it with a jalapeño-flavored chocolate drizzle. It’s yum with a kick! This product will satisfy your sweet and salty cravings instantly. Order these insanely-unique candy bars here.

Kasugai Kiwi Gummy Candy


Japanese candy is all the rage these days as people get more and more adventurous with their taste buds. Candy lovers will absolutely love these Kasugai Kiwifruit gummy candies! Made with real fruit juice, these gummies are exceptionally soft and create a flavor sensation that’s almost too good to believe. These come individually-wrapped, so they are easy to take on the go, or share with friends. Order these unique Japanese gummy candies here.

Jelly Belly Pancakes & Maple Syrup


Have you ever sat down to breakfast and wished that you could just have jelly beans instead? If so, then do we have the perfect product for you! From the world’s leader in jelly bean flavors, Jelly Belly has outdone themselves once again with their pancakes and maple syrup jelly beans! Once you try these, you’ll never look at breakfast the same again! Order them here.

Chocolate Storybook Bacon-Flavored Cotton Candy


Speaking of eating candy for breakfast, we have this amazing bacon-flavored candy by Chocolate Storybook. This company is no stranger to hosting unique flavors in a sweet, cotton candy format. CSB offers a wild variety of flavors, including: pickle, churro, beer, Mexican hot chocolate, buttered popcorn and even a pizza-flavored cotton candy to round out their fun and quirky lineup! Check out our full selection of crazy flavors here.

Hotlix Tequila Worm Sucker


The candy company, Hotlix is no stranger to crafting unique flavors and even putting insects inside their suckers. This tequila-flavored, sugar-free lollipop has a real worm encased inside and contains absolutely no alcohol. This really takes your tastebuds south of the border! Whoever thought a tequila worm could be made into candy? If you’re looking for something truly adventurous, you can order these suckers here.

Toe of Satan by Flamethrower Candy Co.


As far as spicy candy goes, this lollipop is definitely not messing around! Coming in at over 9 million on Scoville scale, (that’s 900 times hotter than a jalapeño!) this is the hottest lollipop known to man. Made from a special “hellfire” extract of the Carolina Reaper pepper, this lollipop will burn your mouth immediately upon touching it. Watch out Hot Ones!

You can pre-order these from our website here.

With all that heat coming in from our last entry, you might get a little thirsty! You could cool-off your tongue with a mouth-watering ranch dressing-flavored craft soda, or even an ice-cold bottle of dog drool! If you’re feeling intrigued, keep reading as we discuss some of the uniquely-flavored glass-bottle craft sodas that we think are out of this world!

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Uniquely-Flavored craft sodas that are sure to grab your customer’s attention:

Lester’s Fixins Ranch Dressing Soda


Maybe you thought we were joking when we mentioned ranch dressing flavored soft drinks, but we weren’t kidding! Lester’s Fixins is well-known for their lineup of unique soda flavors. The ranch dressing soda is one of the most unique items on our list! This soda pop would go great with hot wings, carrot sticks or maybe even French fries. Order this very strange soda here.

Lester Fixins Enchilada Soda


Lester’s Fixins really knows how to make a unique product that literally no one even asked for! Take their enchilada-flavored soda. We promise, we didn’t just make this one up either – it is a real product! Okay, so maybe this is the most unique item on our list… If you love enchiladas, you’ll probably like this soda too! Order these from our website, here.

Avery’s Dog Drool Soda


Avery’s is no stranger to unique flavors. Thanks to their “Make Your Own Soda” program, they have given young soda crafters the opportunity to come up with some crazy flavor combinations. While the name “Dog Drool” may sound gross, we assure you that this orange and lemon flavored soda pop is actually delicious! Made with real cane sugar, this soda is perfect for boy’s birthday parties and a treat for soda enthusiasts of any age. Order these here.

Rocket Fizz Butter Soda


Soda pop with the distinctive flavor of butter! Certainly this is an unconventional take on a craft soda, but who cares! Butter makes almost anything taste better, so why not wash down your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes and stuffing with a cool, refreshing butter soda? The only question we have is does it taste like real butter, or margarine? Let us know if you happen to figure it out! Order this product here.

Rocketfizz Grass Soda


Now we know this one may sound gross to some (who eats grass? I mean, besides cows)… We are definitely not cows, but we actually love this soda! While it might seem hard to make grass taste good, adding a copious amount of real cane sugar surely doesn’t hurt! Although the bottle says: “mowed & bottled in the USA”, this product does not actually contain any grass. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think! Order your Grass Soda here.

Hanks Pumpkin Spice Soda


It seems like pumpkin spice is all the rage nowadays. Maybe that’s just because it’s almost Halloween and everyone is talking about it, but pumpkin spice sure does satisfy some nostalgic synapses in our brains.

So, what better way to celebrate autumn than with a crisp, refreshing pumpkin spice-flavored soda from Hank’s Beverages! Just like their signature root beer, this seasonal soda is handcrafted with only the finest, high-quality ingredients. Featuring the distinct pumpkin spice flavors of nutmeg, allspice and vanilla, you’ll begin to feel the holiday spirit from your first sip! For a limited time, you can order these sodas here.

Sprecher Wisconsin Maple Root Beer


Everyone loves a good root beer, but when you add the distinctive flavor of Wisconsin maple syrup you’ve got a real winner! Sprecher Brewing Company understands this and they’ve made their award-winning, fire brewed root beer even better by adding a delicious maple flavor. You’ve gotta try it to believe it! Order these here.

Boots Beverages Coconut Cream Soda


Boots Beverages are made for fun. Their coconut cream soda is no different. One sip will carry you off to a sunny beach somewhere with island breezes coming through this unique soda pop. Drinking this one kind of reminds us of sipping a cool, refreshing piña colada. Transport your taste buds to an island paradise by ordering this beverage here.

At Redstone Foods, we understand that candy lovers are always on the lookout for some new and unique experiences. When you’re thinking about what products to stock in your store, it’s generally a good idea to have a variety of the big, brand-name classics, mixed in with some unique and memorable items. If someone comes into your store and sees some fun, intriguing products they’ve never seen before, they will be more likely to remember you.

Offering a fun and unique experience is what the candy business is all about. So, if you want any more information on these uniquely-flavored candies or craft sodas, please give us a call today! We would love to help!