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Sodas That Stand Out in 2021: Licensed & Best-Selling Sodas



What is it about soda that makes it so popular across so many different segments of society? Sweet, fizzy drinks seem to pop-up everywhere - and there’s so many varieties to explore beyond your typical Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. And at Redstone Foods, we just so happen to know of a few sodas that really stand out among the crowd.

Of course we are talking about the wide-assortment of craft sodas that are available today. Just like their alcoholic craft beer counterparts, glass bottle artisanal sodas have seen their popularity growing across the United States in recent years. This is for many good reasons. If you’ve ever wanted something beyond cola, lemon lime soda pop, cream sodas or even a ginger ale, many exciting new and, well… Let’s say, experimental flavors exist to entice and excite your customer’s taste buds.

In the world of craft and novelty soda pop brands we’ve seen just about everything. Flavors like marshmallow, Canadian maple syrup, and Bazooka Bubblegum, and even something called Zombie Brain Juice (a strawberry/orange flavored soda that’s way better tasting than actual brain juice).

There are so many creative options candy stores, gift shops, novelty stores and soda fountains can sell. All of these can really bring some new and exciting flavors for their customers.

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Craft sodas are a fast-growing segment of the overall beverage market

One consumer report by Mintel Press Office shows that the craft beverage market has experienced a steady, continued growth over time. This increase in consumption is not only due to people wanting alternatives to their regular carbonated soft drinks, but many find that craft sodas offer a unique non-alcoholic alternative to a “celebratory beverage”. This report also found that nearly half (49%) of craft bottle soda drinkers are interested in sodas that pair well with food and 42% are eager to try fun and creative new flavors.

That’s not the only good news: a recent report by Fior Markets shows that the global craft soda market is expected to grow from $587 million in 2020, to $855 million by 2028. As the global soda market is expected to grow phenomenally, the only thing we might expect some disagreement on is which flavor is the best?

To help you answer that question, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite licensed and best-selling sodas that are sure to satisfy not only your thirst, but your sweet tooth as well!

We sure think these sodas stand out!

Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer


Dad’s Root Beer has been around since the 1930’s and is still one of America’s favorite soda brands today. This root beer distinguished itself as an innovator of the beverage industry by being the first brand to market their drinks in a 6-pack format, thanks to packaging invented by the Atlanta Paper Company in the 1940’s.

Crush Grape Soda with Real Cane Sugar


A friendly favorite for the ages, Crush Grape Soda is even better with real cane sugar! This caffeine-free beverage will send your taste buds into overdrive with the refreshing grape flavor that only a Crush Soda can deliver! Crush has been one of the most popular sodas in America, since 1916.

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer


Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer offers the perfect mix of magical spells and quality, all-natural ingredients. That means there is no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, caffeine, gluten or GMOs. The brew pub in Hogsbreath, England has been making quality drinks since 1374. This non-alcoholic beverage will satisfy the thirst of wizards, both old and young. It even goes great with vanilla ice cream for a smooth, creamy butterscotch float!

Simpsons Duff L’Organge Sparkling Beverage


Everyone knows The Simpsons. Since the lovable cartoon family debuted on the Tracey Ullman Show in 1989 the series has proven its massive mainstream appeal. Craft soda makers Boston America Corp has introduced its own take on Homer’s favorite beer – although this one doesn’t have any alcohol. Duff A L’Orange Sparkling Beverage is a refreshing, non-caffeinated orange beverage with a kick of added Vitamin B. It will surely be a hit with any fan of The Simpsons!

¡Ay, caramba!

Jones Soda Warheads Extreme Sour Black Cherry Soda


Jones Soda began in 1995 in Vancouver, BC with one mission: “to keep the world refreshed with the best beverages”. One soda that really stands out is the extreme sour of their Warheads Black Cherry Soda. This packs a punch of sour that you’ll really pucker up to!

Sour To The People!

Rocket Fizz Fairy Princess Shirley Temple Soda


In the world make-believe, the princess is often the star of the show. Dragons, fairies, elves and even giants can’t hold a candle to the power of a magical, majestic princess. Craft soda makers Rocket Fizz understand this and they have developed their own pure cane sugar soda that’s fit for even the most sophisticated princesses! The Fairy Princess Shirley Temple Soda is a perfect addition to any little girl’s princess birthday party. Kids will love the classic Shirley Temple taste and the bottle’s princess-themed imagery will fit right into the fun!

Marilyn Monroe Soda – Wild Cherry by Rocket Fizz


Speaking of princesses, one of the all-time most iconic movie stars now has her own soda! The Rocket Fizz Marilyn Monroe Wild Cherry soda is absolutely delicious. Your customers can’t help but smile when they see her iconic image gracing the cover of this luscious, cherry red soda pop. This fun soda is sure to draw the attention of people of all ages, as Marilyn Monroe was herself, timeless.



Speaking of timeless, no list of stand-out sodas would be complete without mentioning the beloved southern soft drink, Cheerwine. In 1917, store owner, L.D. Peeler wanted to create a new, refreshing beverage amid a sugar shortage in the South. So the drink had to taste good, but with less sugar. With the refreshing flavor and natural sweetness of cherry, Cheerwine was born. It quickly became known as the “Nectar of North Carolina” and is still revered to this day. You’ve gotta try it!

Orca Beverage’s O-So Key Lime Soda


This soda is out of this world delicious! Originally launched in 1946, production of this flavor had been discontinued for several decades, but now it’s back! Sip the sweet, refreshing flavor of a key lime pie, with the O-So Key Lime Soda. It’s oh so good!

Gross Gus Dragon Drool Soda (Black Licorice Flavor)


Get ready to get gross… In a good way! Gross Gus’s Dragon Drool Soda is a black licorice flavored drink that is sure to peak your customer’s curiosity. This soda’s supernatural flavors are guaranteed to surprise consumers with a sweet, yet not overpowering flavor. And the label looks really, really cool too!

Frostie Blue Cream Soda


Frostie Blue Cream Soda is definitely one of the most unique sodas on this list! Does it taste like cotton candy, or bubblegum? Or, is it more of a caramel cream soda? We’ve been arguing about it for years now! Either way, this sweet retro beverage has been bringing smiles to people’s faces since 1939. Definitely a must-have product for your candy shop!

Bawls Guarana Root Beer


While most root beers have no caffeine, Bawls gives this highly-caffeinated root beer their own signature kick of guarana to really get you going. The Bawls Guarana Root Beer is perfect for those seeking an old-timey sarsaparilla flavor with a soothing, creamy aftertaste.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our favorite glass bottle sodas, but we assure you, we’re only skimming the tip of the iceberg here! We have over 500 different types of unique, craft and vintage sodas available for immediate shipping.

With the explosion of flavors available today, it is a good idea to get your shop on the glass bottle craft soda bandwagon. Craft sodas are poised to garner a substantial portion of the global beverage market in the foreseeable future. Energy drinks play an important role in this as well as the floodgates have opened a whole new world of endless possibilities!

If you’re a soda shop, candy store, novelty store or gift shop looking to expand your horizons in the beverage market, Redstone Foods has a wide variety of products to entice both new and returning customers.

If you have any questions on how much, or what to order, we are always here to help you. We understand that our success is predicated upon yours. So, contact a dedicated account representative today and we’ll help you keep your shelves stocked with today’s most popular glass bottle sodas, candies and snacks!