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Bringing Back the Classics: The Return of Retro Soda Pop!


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Soda pop enthusiasts gather round! Let’s take a giant step back in time and explore the fizzy wonders of yesteryear! Old-fashioned, retro soda pop has been making a triumphant comeback in recent years. Just like we’ve seen a boom in the glass bottle, craft soda market, people are also looking to try many of the classic, retro sodas from their childhood.

Get ready to ride a fizzy wave of nostalgia and indulge your taste buds as we dive into the sweet world of retro soda pop. From the classic cola concoctions to the vibrant fruity flavors that once graced the old-school soda fountains, Redstone Foods carries a wide variety of vintage sodas wholesale that people have enjoyed for close to, and well over a century!

So buckle up, grab your favorite vintage glassware, throw in some ice, and prepare for a sip of pure effervescent joy as we explore the sweet, fizzy revival for some of the beloved soft drinks from decades (and centuries) past. We have the perfect selection of bubbly products for your soda pop shop!

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A brief history of soda pop

Carbonated beverages have been around for quite some time. In 1767, English chemist Joseph Priestly invented carbonated water by accident. He had left a bowl of water above a beer vat at a brewery in Leeds, England which infused the liquid with carbon dioxide. Yet, he is perhaps best known for discovering oxygen in 1774, being the first scientist to successfully isolate the chemical element.

In 1783, a Swiss watchmaker and amateur scientist, Johann Jacob Schweppe created the first practical process to bottle carbonated water, which was instrumental in making it a commercially-viable product. His company, Schweppes soon began selling its soda water and is now widely recognized as the oldest soda brand in the world.

These beverages were primarily sold at pharmacies and drug stores as a kind of medicine. Yet, in the early 1830’s people began mixing sugar and flavored syrups with their sparkling water. These experiments would use different herbs, and spices to create their own unique flavors.

Many added ginger, birch bark, sarsaparilla, dandelion, vanilla, fruits such as lemon, or wild cherry, and various other kinds of roots to create their own special concoctions. (See our previous article on the history of root beer for more information on classic root beverages).

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The popularity of fizzy beverages only grew, as over 380 soft drink manufacturing plants were in existence in 1870. But by the year 1900, there were more than 2,750 soda bottling plants making a variety of sweet, fizzy concoctions for the masses. Early soda pop brands included Dr. Pepper, Hires Root Beer, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Vernor’s Ginger Ale, and Barq’s Root Beer, to name a few.

While some of these brands have withstood the test of time and are still widely-available today, others have either fizzled into nonexistence, or are still available, but they might be a little more difficult to find.

If you’re yearning for a taste from the glory days of your childhood, or even just curious as to what these vintage soda brands tasted like, we’ve got just the thing for you!

Moxie Elixir Soda

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Moxie Elixir Soda was created way back in 1884 by Dr. Augustin Thompson, a New England pharmacist with a vision for a distinctively bold and invigorating beverage. Moxie gained fame for its proprietary blend of ingredients, featuring gentian root extract, which imparted its own distinctively bitter flavor profile.

Initially marketed as a medicinal tonic, Moxie quickly garnered a loyal following that transitioned it into a beloved soda pop for the ages. Despite the ups and downs of the soda industry, Moxie has managed to maintain its popularity by staying true to its roots and embracing its fiercely loyal fan base.

Its distinctive taste, reminiscent of a bygone era, has become a badge of honor for those seeking a true taste of nostalgia. In 2005, Moxie Elixir Soda was named the official soft drink of the State of Maine. Moxie is uniquely authentic, as it remains one of the few surviving regional sodas that has remained relatively unchanged throughout its long history.

So, whether you're a die-hard retro soda fan or just a curious newcomer, one sip of Moxie Elixir Soda is all it takes to understand why this vintage elixir has stood the test of time and continues to captivate soda enthusiasts to this very day.

Boylan Original Birch Beer


Boylan Birch Beer was first created in 1891 by New Jersey pharmacist, William Boylan. This “original birch beer” is a unique blend of birch extracts, herbs, and spices that creates a soda that is known for its smooth and distinctively woodsy flavor. This beverage quickly gained a devoted following that has continued on through today, over 130 years later!

Today, Boylan Bottling has a full lineup of hand-crafted sodas, including ginger ale, sugar-free diet cream soda, root beer and even a very tasty sparkling lemonade. Whichever drink you prefer, Boylan's timeless appeal lies in their ability to transport your taste buds to a long-forgotten era, where craftsmanship and flavor were of the utmost importance!

Faygo Red Pop

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Faygo Red Pop soda is a true American classic that has been electrifying taste buds since it was first invented way back in 1907. This vibrant red elixir was born in Detroit, Michigan, when two brothers embarked on a mission to create affordable, yet delicious beverages for their local community. Their naturally caffeine-free Red Pop quickly became one of Faygo's flagship flavors, captivating soda enthusiasts with its fruity, strawberry flavored sweetness and eye-catching color.

Over the years, the Faygo brand has maintained its popularity by remaining true to their roots, and by creating new flavors that live up to their reputation of quality. Faygo has a broad lineup of flavors, from grape, orange, root beer, fruit punch, cream soda and their classic rock & rye soda. Just one sip of any of these products, and you’ll quickly be transported back to the carefree summer days of your childhood!

Orange Crush

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Orange Crush soda is an absolute icon among citrus beverages. The original orange-flavored soda has a rich history dating all the way back to 1906. Their story began in Chicago, where J.M. Thompson introduced the world to the refreshing taste of Orange Crush. This super-tasty soda delighted consumers and quickly gained popularity, thanks to its bold orange flavor and bright orange color.

Today, little has changed and you can get the same great taste of Orange Crush soda that is still made with pure cane sugar. We triple dog dare you to find anything that is more synonymous with the taste of summer, sunshine, outdoor barbecues and days at the beach than the original Orange Crush soda pop.

Goody Pineapple Soda

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A product of the prohibition era, Goody Pineapple Soda has been around since 1923. Bursting with flavor and tropical flair, Goody Pineapple soda quickly gained popularity for its unique taste, seemingly transporting consumers to sun-kissed beaches with each and every sip. The tropical essence of Goody Pineapple soda continues to be a source of joy and relaxation for those seeking their own little taste of paradise.

Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a base for fruity cocktails, mocktails and tropical concoctions, Goody Pineapple soda's vibrant taste and nostalgic charm have made it a timeless favorite for generations. So, grab a bottle, close your eyes, and allow the sweet tang of pineapple to transport you to a tropical paradise, all within the confines of a single sip!

Nichol Kola Soda

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Created in 1936, Nichol Kola offered something a little different than your average, everyday cola. With hints of cinnamon, coriander and neroli, Nichol Kola quickly gained a dedicated following with its slightly spicy kick! It originally sold for a nickel. Although “America’s taste sensation” got off to a successful start, the brand was purchased by Coca-Cola in the 1950’s and was subsequently phased out of production.

Luckily for us, today Orca Beverage has taken on the reigns of this classic, making it available to a whole new generation of retro soda pop enthusiasts. The soda has stayed true to its original recipe and maintains its old-fashioned charm, appealing to those seeking an authentic taste of history.

We hope you have enjoyed our trip down memory lane with some of the classic soft drinks from a bygone era! Redstone Foods prides ourselves on finding the best new and vintage products available to serve our customers with sweet smiles. We have been in the candy business for over 60 years and our level of customer service is second to none.

Browse our huge selection of over 6,000 products, from confections, snacks, glass bottle sodas and energy drinks! We would love to gain the opportunity to serve you so you can see why Redstone Foods is America’s Favorite Candy Distributor!

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