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Sell the Most Gummies for Summer



After a long winter full of storms, record snow, and icy weather, the onset of spring turns our attention to thoughts of longer days and warmer weather. As we long for summer, we realize it’s only a few short months away. The anticipation of days full of relaxation, BBQs with friends, and day after day of sunshine intensifies as the cold weather slips away.

Even though we are still not quite back to ‘normal’, summer is sure to be filled with all the fun and good times we expect. For those in the candy business, summertime and good times means increased sales on one of the most popular summer candies, gummies! It is crucial to keep shelves stocked during the entire summer to take advantage of the increased demand for the fruity, chewy, gooey goodness of gummies.

While winter holidays witness an increased demand in chocolate with Christmas and Valentines leading the way, summer is a different story. Summer sees our taste turn to lighter, fruitier, brighter flavors such as those found in summer favorites like gummy candy.

To help you take advantage of the summer season and sell the most gummies you can, here are some helpful tips to get you started on your way to the top!

Colorful Endcap Displays

A colorful endcap display is one of the easiest ways to boost your sales of gummies this summer. For those who are unaware, endcap displays are placed on the ends of aisles and are exceptional at grabbing a customer's attention. Endcap displays work even better if they are bright, cheery, and colorful – as well as stocked full.

Gummy-candy-store-display 1913067739

Endcap displays are a perfect way to blend marketing and sales all into one as they attract customers visually while promoting a particular product. Displaying gummies in a colorful, endcap display will surely boost your sales and kick your summer sales off in the right direction!

Appealing To Customer Nostalgia

Most people have been buying, eating, and enjoying candy since their early childhood. In fact, some of our happiest childhood memories flash back to that first bite of what is now our favorite candy or sharing a candy bar with our parents. For a large number of people, that nostalgic connection centers around summer days and classic items like Haribo gummy bears.

Appealing to this sense of nostalgia, to the experiential nature of biting into your favorite gummy and reliving those happy memories, is a significant aspect to connecting with your customers and boosting sales.

Keeping iconic, nostalgia brands like the gummy candies made by Albanese, Haribo, Black Forest, Trolli, E Fruitti, Vidal, and Verburg is a wonderful way to turn a one-time customer into a loyal patron.

Gummy Food Items

Any gummy lover is likely to be familiar with the seeming endless array of the different gummy food items to choose from. For those uninitiated into the wide world of gummy food items, you’re missing out! Just about every popular food imaginable has been made into gummy form; including gummy burgers, gummy hot dogs, gummy sushi, gummy donuts, gummy tacos, and even gummy pizzas -- because who doesn’t love dessert for dinner!

Don’t worry, though, while these gummies may look like food, they still taste like candy. They are just a fun and creative way to connect with your customers, as well as allowing them to play with their food.

Use Social Media & Digital Marketing to Inspire Customers

Gummy-Candy-Social-Media-Influencer 1040437243

In today’s modern world, one of the biggest tools a small business owner has is an active social media platform. Reaching out to your customers through your online store can have a huge impact on driving sales. If you don't have one, start an online store. Think about using email marketing, influencer campaigns, or even micro influencers. While influencer marketing strategies are broad, sometimes an interactive store display can assist your social media presence with QR codes.

Having a social media platform like a Facebook page, an Instagram profile, or a Twitter account can not only extend your customer base and inspire them to try new products you’ve recently stocked, but it can also keep loyal customers in the loop about current products and promotions. Additionally, it may be worth reaching out to a social media influencer in your area who can help promote products and drive traffic to your business.

Offer the Hottest Items to Get People in Your Store.

As mentioned in our other articles, the love for candy often begins in childhood, so stocking candy that grabs the attention of younger generations can go a long way in boosting ancillary sales. For instance, these interactive candy popsicles where all you do is add water are a great choice to spark the interest and stir the imagination of children. Then once the children have their parents in the store, gummies or other treats in your store will often become hard to resist.

Childhood-Gummy-Candy-Nostalgia 1792790248

These are just a few ways to help sell the most gummies as possible this summer. These tips should not only help boost your gummy sales but help create loyal, returning customers.

However, sometimes, even using all the tips and tricks you can find isn’t enough to increase your sales and get the revenue where you want it to be. Having the right candy distributor with the right expertise can help change that.

If you are a business owner struggling with gummy sales, or candy sales in general, Redstone Foods would love to help! With over 50 years of experience in the candy distribution business our level of knowledge and experience is unmatched, and our dedicated sales reps are only too willing to help you succeed.

We work closely with our customers to create a strategic candy inventory based on a number of data points such as location, customer demographics, price points, store size, and many more. For us at Redstone, our success is built on helping you succeed.

At Redstone Foods, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all of your candy needs, whether it is everyday items, glass bottle sodas, bulk candy, nostalgic candy, or the absolute best gummies for summer.

Visit us online, schedule a tour, or give us a call today!