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Summer 2022 Is Coming, Specialty Soda Will Be Big As Ever


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Craft beverages aren’t just for alcohol connoisseurs anymore. Over the course of just the last few decades, non-drinkers, designated drivers and all-around thirst quenchers have had the option of consuming a huge variety of creative new soft drinks. Just a few decades ago, non-alcoholic beverage options were pretty limited. That’s no longer the case in 2022.

It feels like the worst days of the pandemic are behind us, and already people are starting to plan for their summer vacations. We think this is going to mean that more and more shoppers will be looking for something refreshing as they venture out into the world again. Surely, nothing hits the spot like a cold refreshing soda pop on a hot summer’s day!

Let’s explore some of these great new soda pop flavors as we anticipate warmer summer days!

As more and more restaurants, bars and corner stores are featuring some exciting specialty sodas in the mix, we thought we could showcase a few of these delicious, unique and sometimes highly unusual flavors. These are going to be the perfect addition to all of your favorite summer outings, like road trips, family reunions, outdoor barbecues, music festivals, camping or even just a quick picnic.

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Craft sodas typically come in glass bottles and use natural ingredients, like pure cane sugar, in place of high fructose corn syrup. This is just part of the reason that craft soda has been slowly moving away from just being a “novelty item” to something that has a steadily-growing demand in the mainstream American culture.

We think this is a great thing! With all of these exciting and fun drink recipes, your summer no longer has to be limited to just Coke or Pepsi. Check out these craft, glass bottle sodas – they may just become your new favorite summer drinks:

Jones Soda Co. Fan Favorites Variety Pack


The Jones Soda Co. has been making great tasting glass bottle craft sodas since 1996. Their unique vision helped them to pioneer the craft soda movement in North America. While their first offerings were not too far out there, (orange, cherry, lemon lime, etc.) the quality and bold brand persona really helped them stand out.

Adding some user-generated artistic photography to their labels and their signature “fortune caps” with quirky and inspiring messages like: “Learn About Bugs” and “Don’t Throw Me Away, I Love You” gives Jones Soda the winning combination that is sure to be a hit this summer, and every other summer to come.

Oh no, did we forget to mention flavor? The Jones Soda Fan Favorites Variety Pack is full of delicious flavors that are sure to make for some great summer drinks! Each pack contains 3 cream sodas, 3 berry lemonades, 3 orange cream sodas and 3 green apple sodas. This summer, become a pop star – a soda pop star with Jones Sodas at your next gathering!

Rocket Fizz Coconut Cream Lime Soda

Rocketfizz-Coconut-Cream-Lime-Soda R730


Rocket Fizz really captures the essence of summer with this tasty specialty soda! Their Coconut Cream Lime Soda offers the rich and creamy essence of a coconut cream pie with just the right spritz of lime juice to really make a crisp, refreshing flavor for those hot, sunny days.

No strangers to the candy business, Rocket Fizz is the largest and fastest-growing soda pop and candy shop franchise brand in the United States. Their first shop opened in 2009, in Camarillo, California and they’ve been growing rapidly ever since.

Check out our full selection of Rocket Fizz products here.

Boots Beverages Lemon Meringue Soda

Boots-Beverages-Lemon-Meringue-Soda 1482


Since we’re talking about pies, another perfect dessert for summer days is a lemon meringue pie. If you don’t have the patience to make one of these pies from scratch, you could just grab one out of the fridge! Of course, we’re talking about the Boots Beverages Lemon Meringue Soda that is refreshing and delicious! Made with all natural flavors, like lemon juice and pure cane sugar, this soda is also caffeine free and gluten free.

Boots Beverages was created in the 1950’s by Boots Kristen in Bellville, Texas. The brand featured a few unique and seasonal flavors early on, but sadly after only one decade, they went out of business. The brand was reintroduced in 2013 by Boots’ son, Mark Kristen who was inspired by the Lone Star State’s craft beer industry at the time. They have been growing ever since.

Check out our full lineup of Boot’s Beverages here.

Dublin Bottling Works Texas Root Beer

Dublin-Bottling-Works-Texas-Root-Beer 002210


Dublin, Texas is home to the oldest soda bottling facility in all of Texas. Dublin Bottling Works has operated for more than 120 years, since 1891. This bottling plant was actually the first to bottle Dr. Pepper sodas, long before it was introduced to the nation at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis! Though the plant no longer produces the “Dublin Dr. Pepper” due to a copyright dispute, they have continued doing what they do best: making great sodas with all natural ingredients.

The Dublin Texas Root Beer is the perfect beverage for craft soda lovers. It features a smooth and creamy texture, with light aromas of licorice and vanilla. Since all of their sodas use only pure cane sugar, there’s no bitter aftertaste. That means they don’t have to over-carbonate their soft drinks to compensate for the bitterness that typically comes with corn syrup. Try one today!

Jarritos Pineapple Soda

Jarritos-Pineapple-Soda 6501109


We guarantee you that there’s nothing that quenches your thirst on hot summer days quite like a Jarritos Pineapple Soda. Besides being made with real fruit juice and all natural sugar, this Mexican soda is truly one of a kind!

Jarritos has been bottled in Mexico since 1950. Originally their bottles didn’t have labels as most people could tell what flavor it was just by the color. Using natural fruity flavors surely helped them gain popularity both in Mexico and the United States. !Que Buenos Son!

Rocket Fizz S’mores Soda

Rocket-Fizz-Smores-Soda R446


We just had to include this one on our list! Taking just one sip of Rocket Fizz S’mores Soda is like instantly being transported to your favorite camping spot, sitting around the campfire. Except with this soda pop, you won’t have to deal with all the smoke and bugs!

Combining the flavors of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallow, this is one of Rocket Fizz’s most unique sodas! We’re sure your customers are going to love it!

Crush Orange Soda

Crush-Orange-Soda-Cane-Sugar 02756


And last, but certainly not least on our list of tasty summer drinks is the original Crush Orange Soda with real cane sugar. Orange Crush was the original orange flavored soda.

The name “Crush” referred to the process of extracting the oils from the fruit’s skin that gave the drink its signature flavor. It was invented in 1906, but like many drink recipes, the formula was improved upon over the years. We still think Crush Orange soda absolutely hits the spot on those hot summer days!

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