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A Pickle With A Twist: Exploring Tangy Chamoy Pickles



One thing is for sure, chamoy pickles are all the rage nowadays. If you’ve scrolled through TikTok recently, you probably have seen people eating or talking about chamoy pickles. The popularity of this sweet, spicy, sour and tangy sauce is justified, as it can take your everyday, average pickle to some incredibly wild new places!

The trend has become so popular in fact, that many grocery stores and online vendors often sell-out their supply of chamoy pickle kits almost instantly. Luckily for you, Redstone Foods has just received a truckload of Rico’s Jumbo Chamoy Pickles that are now in-stock and ready for immediate shipping!

Ricos-Jumbo-Chamoy-Pickle-In-A-Pouch-Display-Tray 000055


For as long as we’ve had them, chamoy pickles have been one of the hottest items on our website, and in our warehouse. We have been carrying Alamo Candy’s Big Tex Dill Pickle in Chamoy and they would always completely sell-out. There was even a time recently when you could find a single Alamo Candy chamoy pickle going for over $30 on eBay!

With our recent stock of over 2,400 cases of Rico’s Chamoy Pickles, we foresee that these delicious pickles will be readily available to our customers for quite some time. Trust us when we say this product is going to be a hot item this summer! Your customers are going to have these pickles practically flying off of your shelves. We highly recommend ordering multiple cases, even if you’re not quite sure what chamoy actually is.

What is Chamoy?

Chamoy sauce has been a popular Mexican food staple for well over a century, and possibly even longer. It can be found practically everywhere in Mexico and Latin America, from street food vendors, grocery stores, restaurants and even in some popular Mexican candy products. In Mexico, chamoy pairs well with everything from the main course, side dishes and desserts alike!

Chamoy is a saucy condiment that goes great with a wide variety of different food options. This versatile sauce goes great with eggs, steaks, sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables, popsicles, ice cream and (our favorite food item) candy! It is particularly tasty when smothered on mangos, watermelon, corn on the cob and even gummy bears!

Alamo-Candy-Bloody-Gummy-Bears-in-Chamoy 421831


The flavor of chamoy is the really exciting part. It combines sweet, salty, tangy, and a little spicy, so it has almost every flavor you could possibly imagine, all at once! It could be described as a fruity and savory hot sauce, but it is in fact so much more.

Chamoy is made with dehydrated fruit, typically apricots, mangos, plums or any combination of the three. This dried fruit is then mixed with chili powder or Tajin, salt, sugar, dried hibiscus flowers and apple cider vinegar. This mixture is then boiled until it turns into a thick paste which can be thinned by adding a little bit of water. Lime juice is then added to give it just the right amount of acidity that makes the multitude of flavors really pop on your taste buds.

When it comes to pickles, chamoy offers a flavor pairing that is truly unique and special. It leaves traditional pickling spices, like fresh dill seem kind of mundane by comparison. Perhaps that’s why this trend seems to be taking over the internet. The hashtag #ChamoyPickle currently has over 880 million views on TikTok alone!

One particularly popular type of video features chamoy pickle kits. This is the result of social media influencers combining their chamoy pickles with things like gummy candy, fruit roll ups, spicy tortilla chips, Tajin powder and number of other complimentary ingredients to create their own perfect flavor explosion. These kits can be sold as a package and are extremely popular with online candy shops right now.

What is in a chamoy pickle kit?

When it comes to creating your own chamoy pickle kit, customization is key. Of course the main components are a pickle and some chamoy sauce, but what else is possible? This is where the comment section of TikTok really shines. Suggestions from followers include a plethora of different food and candy items that will enhance the flavor and texture of your chamoy pickle.

The pickle is the best place to start.

If you have your own chamoy sauce, you could start with practically any pickle you desire. Some popular pickle options include Van Holten’s Tapatio Pickle, if you want to begin on the spicier side of life.

Van-Holtens-Warheads-Extreme-Sour-Dill-Pickle 612WH


If you prefer a chamoy pickle experience that’s a little more sour, you can begin with Van Holten’s Jumbo Sour Pickle. And, if you want something that’s extremely sour, try Van Holten’s Warheads Extreme Sour Dill Pickle! As the name suggests, this is flavored with the extremely sour Warheads candy and is another pickle product that is super popular on social media right now.

Chamoy sauce is as essential as the pickle itself.

Mega-Chamoy-Original-Mazuma-Trading 0083


For chamoy sauce, we happen to carry a couple of options. First up is Mozuma Trading’s Mega Chamoy Original. This is a zesty and spicy sauce made with a blend of chili peppers, lime, and salt. It's perfect for adding a bold and tangy flavor to all of your favorite snacks and meals!

Alamo-Candy-Chamoy-De-Fruta-Sweet-Sour-Chili-Sauce-Bottle 421661


Next up is Alamo Candy Chamoy De Fruta Chili Sauce. This sweet and tangy sauce brings the “great taste of Texas” to just about any food dish. It can be used as a dip, spread or topping, and is perfect for adding a fruity and spicy twist to your favorite snacks and dishes. Overall, it’s a delicious combination of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors that is perfect for making your own chamoy pickles!

Add a little chili powder for an extra kick!

One of the mainstay components of a chamoy pickle kit that you’ll want to include is some extra chili powder seasoning, like Tajin, ancho chili powder, or pico limon powder. You can sprinkle these on top of your pickle for an extra spicy kick!

Stick in some spicy chips to add some crunch to your chamoy pickle!

Spicy tortilla chips, such as Takis Fuego, or Doritos Flamin’ Hot are exceptionally popular additions for your chamoy pickle kit. These add some extra spice and a little crunch to your flavor experience. If you really want to go all-out, you can bite off the top of the pickle and stick the chips right into the soft inside of the pickle.

Another way you could add some soothing crunch to your chamoy pickle is to roll the pickle in spicy or BBQ flavored seeds and nuts.

Did we forget to mention yet how messy this experience can be? You might want to use a spoon and possibly even wear a bib while you’re doing all of this!

Last, but not least, you’ll want to throw some candy into the mix!

Pelon-Pelo-Rico-Tamarind-Candy 06000


Tamarind candy is one of the most popular pairings for chamoy pickle kits. Pelon Pelo Rico is perhaps the easiest to apply to your pickle, as it comes in a convenient little push up squeeze bottle. This will add an extra tangy and spicy kick to your chamoy pickle experience!

Lucas-Salsagheti-Watermelon 6010151N


Lucas Salsagheti Skwinkles is another great candy pairing for chamoy pickles. It is a sweet, spicy and fruity gummy candy that comes in strips, much like spaghetti noodles. These can be curled around the pickle, or placed on top before you take a bite. Salsagheti comes in a variety of fruity flavors such as watermelon, mango, sour apple and pineapple.

The most important part is for you to get creative with your own chamoy pickle kit! You can always experiment with different ingredients to make your chamoy pickle kit unique and personalized to your taste. Try any sweet, spicy or sour candy to your liking!

As you can see, creating your own chamoy pickle kit is a fun and delicious way to add some excitement to your snacks and meals. Whether you prefer a spicier kick, or a sweeter flavor, the possibilities are seemingly endless with chamoy pickles!

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