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Limited Edition Licensed Candy Can Put You On the Map



Looking for the best and latest collectibles to add to your ever growing collection? Are you a candy store owner looking to attract a new audience of customers? You might want to consider adding some popular food items from movies, TV shows, celebrities and video games to attract the wandering eyes of the consumer. While some of these licensed or IP candy products may only be “hot” for a limited time (for instance while the movie is still showing in theatres), others (like Star Wars, for example) may maintain their popularity throughout the seasons. In the business, brands and licenses that have this type of staying power are called “evergreen”.

Characters from movies, TV and music have been used as a marketing ploy for decades now, but how and why do these IP (intellectual property) mascots have such a pull in the marketplace?

How to use limited edition licensed characters to get the attention of your customers.

Every marketing genius knows that the first step to a successful marketing campaign is to get the consumer’s attention. Fictional characters from TV and film have widespread recognition and can make a great addition to a product’s overall image. When you’re looking to satisfy someone’s sweet tooth, a popular kid’s character might just push a product over the proverbial edge – allowing a customer to make the purchase decision you’re looking for.

Characters have traditionally used in above-the-line marketing and advertising, to great success. Who can forget “Avoid the Noid” from the popular pizza chain, Dominos. Other brand ambassadors who remain memorable are the Kool-Aid Man, Cheeto’s Chester Cheetah and even the Energizer Bunny. These characters appeal to a wide audience and any sight, or mention of them instantly brings their brand to mind.

As a candy shop owner, you can capitalize on this phenomenon with sale displays of rare candies, sodas and snacks that are inspired by people’s favorite movies, TV shows and even video games.

The Simpsons is the longest-running, scripted show in all of television history. The show has been entertaining audiences since 1989. As such, many of the kids that grew up with the Simpsons, (myself included) are now adults who still love the series. “Can’t get enough of that wonderful Duff?” The Simpsons-inspired Duff A L’Orange Sparkling Beverage is a fun way to grab the attention of your shoppers with a show-themed, sweet tooth satisfying taste of nostalgia. We promise you, if you have these stocked in your beverage coolers, they will draw the eyes of passers-by.


Spongebob Squarepants has lived in a pineapple, deep under the sea since 1999. Spongebob is an icon to today’s millennial consumers, with an infallible optimism that has charmed audiences for over twenty years. Forget traditional gummy bears, when you can offer your customers a Krabby-Patty Gummy that comes with a prize AND stickers! These snack-sized gummy patties are sure to be a hit, even well outside of Bikini Bottom city limits.


Marilyn Monroe is arguably as popular today as she was in her prime. At Redstone Foods, we offer a wild-cherry flavored, Marilyn Monroe soda by Rocket Fizz. Perhaps it was Marilyn’s untimely death in 1962 that cemented her image as a young, beautiful blonde for all of eternity. Her popularity will likely endure until the end of time. And now you can have her iconic image grabbing the attention of your customers with her unforgettable smile, gracing the shelves of your store.


Let’s not forget about video games!

According to a 2015 study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, 4 in 5 American homes own a device used to play video games. In all there are 150 million “gamers” in the United States with an average age of 35. Video games are a bigger business than ever, generating more than $56.9 billion dollars in 2020. That’s more than the movie and music industries, combined!

One popular video game title that is not for the faint-of-heart is called Resident Evil. In this game, (there were also a series of movies beginning in 2002 starring Milla Jovovich) the main characters fight of hordes of zombies, created by a secret underground genetic research facility in Raccoon City. Players are tasked with discovering the source of the outbreak (the “T-Virus”) and preventing it from spreading across the globe. Redstone Foods offers the Resident Evil T-Virus Antidote Energy Drink in a can that is a sweet cure for your sweet tooth, whether you’re a zombie or not.


Speaking of video games, there are perhaps no characters more iconic in the digital realm than Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros. These characters have entertained audiences, kids and adults alike since 1983. Redstone Foods offers these Nintendo Super Mario Candy Fans that light up! These can make a great candy gift for kids and even those who are just young at heart.


One show that has been a breakout hit amongst young adults is the Adult Swim cartoon: Rick and Morty. This show has seen massive success, both on screen and off-screen with a seemingly endless variety of products from toys, comic books, beach towels, games and clothing. In fact, whatever product you can think of, Rick and Morty probably has a version with their name on it somewhere. They even got their own version of “Szechuan Sauce” at McDonald’s for a limited time in 2017. Redstone Foods has a few Rick and Morty products available, but our favorite is probably the Mr. Meeseeks Box Tin with blue raspberry sour candies. Pop some of these in your mouth and you will no longer think existence is pain!


You simply cannot discuss truly popular IP franchises without mentioning Marvel Comics. Since the MCU launched in 2008 with the hit film, Iron Man this franchise has smashed box office records year after year. What’s better than one candy bar? How about yummy, snack-sized milk chocolate candy bars that you can eat every single day? These Marvel Countdown Calendars, featuring Spider Man and The Avengers might just be what you’re looking for. Excelsior!


At Redstone Foods, we have been in the candy business since 1966. So we know a thing, or two about getting your customer’s attention. We also deeply understand the appeal of collecting things like limited-edition white chocolate medallions that have little R2-D2’s on them. All of the shows, video games and celebrities we mentioned in this article, we are fans of ourselves! We know these IP candy products will help catch the eye of your customers and even the attention of people who are just passing by. Our team of highly-knowledgeable sales representatives can help you with all of your ordering questions. We are always here to help you, because we understand how your success is directly linked to ours. Contact us today!