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The Best Fruity Flavored Sodas for Summer 2022!


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As summer gets hotter and hotter, we’ve noticed the soft drink aisles at our local stores getting busier and busier. People are lined up to purchase a cool, refreshing fizzy beverage. While some people may lean towards an ice-cold cola or a root beer float, many more would likely prefer some of the light, fruity-flavored sodas that are available on the market today.

When it gets hot outside, people tend to lean more towards lighter sodas, like Sprite, Fresca or Mountain Dew as opposed to darker, heavier sodas like Pepsi or Dr. Pepper. Something about a lighter, fruity soda just sounds more appealing when the weather is hot. It feels like they’ll really quench your thirst even more.

With literally hundreds of sodas on the store shelves these days, we recommend that you venture outside of your comfort zone and try some of these amazing specialty craft sodas. We think you’ll agree that they really hit the spot on a hot summer’s day!

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Fruit flavors are exploding in popularity in the soda market right now.

Some market analysts think that the general societal movement towards healthier, natural flavors have gone hand-in-hand with fruit-flavored soda’s popularity. Fruit flavors have long been popular in foreign markets, and they are really starting to blossom here in the United States.

Mexican soda manufacturer, Jarritos has been in the market with their extensive line of fruity sodas since 1950. From Mandarin orange, to pineapple and even guava, their sodas have long been a popular staple in the Mexican culture and heritage.

Ramune-Japanese-Marble-Soda-Glass 47764


Japan is another noteworthy country when it comes to fruity flavored fizzy drinks. They have quite a few soda companies, but Ramune seems to dominate the market with their “marble sodas.” These oddly-shaped glass bottles actually have a marble in them that helps keep the carbonation in them. With flavors like lychee, blueberry, peach, yuzu and melon creamy soda you simply can’t go wrong!

We believe that sodas with fruity flavors are just now on the precipice of massively growing their market share here in the United States. With so many different flavor options, the possibilities are endless!

Fruity-flavored sodas you (and your customers) will be sure to love!

While we don’t think the major classic soda flavors, (like cola, cream soda or root beer) are going anywhere anytime soon, the wide variety of new fruit flavored craft sodas is something you just can’t ignore.

Some of these offer new twists on old classics, and some are just plain timeless. Either way, these will definitely reward your taste buds and your sweet tooth with plenty of fruity, fizzy deliciousness!

O-Zell Soda: Pineapple Whip

O-Zell-Soda-Pineapple-Whip R008


O-Zell soda was actually founded by Walt Disney’s father, Elias way back in 1912. Elias Disney invested money into a new venture into “soft” drinks that were intended to be an alternative to alcoholic beverages during the prohibition era. Unfortunately the proprietor and president of the company sank the ship after embezzling thousands of dollars from Mister Disney and they went out of business in 1920.

Today the brand has been revived, with a portion of every purchase helping fund the restoration of Walt Disney’s birthplace home in Chicago, Illinois.

All of O-Zell Sodas are made with 100% Hawaiian cane sugar and all natural ingredients. Their Pineapple Whip soda is one of our favorite flavors from their lineup and makes for the perfect, light, sweet and fizzy beverage on hot summer days. The flavor also tastes identical to the pineapple whip you can get on your vacation to Disneyland, making it the perfect summer treat!

Whirly Pop Rainbow Fruit Punch Soda

Whiry-Pop-Rainbow-Fruit-Punch-Craft-Soda R814


Whirly Pop’s Rainbow Fruit Punch soda is just about as summer as it gets! This blue color soda is like drinking a liquefied version of one of those giant lollipops you got at the carnival when you were a kid. These are definitely a must have in your store’s soda cooler!

Warheads Sour Sodas

Warheads-Soda-Sour-Green-Apple 24800


Warheads is best known for their extremely sour candies, but now they have ventured into the soda market. Warheads unveiled their sour sodas at the 2022 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago and they were an instant hit!

Their new lineup includes fruity flavors such as sour green apple, blue raspberry, watermelon, lemon and black cherry. Order online today and experience a mind-bending sour kick with a refreshing fruit flavor from these unique sodas!

Dublin Bottling Works – Fru Fru Berry Soda

Dublin-Bottling-Works-Fru-Fru-Berry-Soda 002296


Dublin, Texas soda manufacturer, Dublin Bottling Works makes small batches of their delicious craft sodas. With delicious flavors from their root beer, to sweet peach, cherry limeade and ginger ale, this soda company offers a little bit of something for everyone.

We absolutely love to enjoy a cool sip of their Fru Fru Berrry Soda on a hot summer’s day, and we know you will too!

Bawls Guarana Orange Energy Soda

BAWLS-Guarana-Orange-Soda-Bottle 3704


Everyone could use a little extra boost when it gets hot outside. Whether you’re hard at work, or hard at play, BAWLS Guarana sodas can keep you going strong. That’s because they use the guarana berry, a natural source of caffeine straight from the rainforest. Their highly-caffeinated sodas pack a punch and when it’s hot outside and nothing beats a cool, refreshing citrusy soda.

That’s why we recommend an ice-cold BAWLS Guarana Orange Soda in their signature glass bumpy bottle. These are also available in cans, which are the perfect companion to long nature hikes, floating the river, or even just spending a nice relaxing day at the beach. But with all that extra energy, who needs to relax?

Mexican Sprite

Mexican-Sprite-Lemon-Lime-Soda 2837


Okay, okay… I know we said to venture outside of the major soda brands this summer, but it just wouldn’t feel like summer without the sweet refreshing lemon lime flavor of and ice-cold Sprite!

Redstone Foods is proud to offer the Mexican Sprite, which comes in a glass bottle and is made with real cane sugar. If you’ve never tried one on a hot summer day, you’re definitely missing out!

Avery’s Beverages Unicorn Yack Soda

Averys-Beverages-Unicorn-Yack-Soda-Raspberry-Orange-Cream 5214

Avery’s Beverages Unicorn Yack Soda is much more delicious than the name would suggest. It is a raspberry/ orange cream soda that creates the perfect combination of fruity flavors to help you beat the heat! Although the brand is marketed to be “Sodasgusting, totally gross soda” it tastes so good that you’ll forget you aren’t supposed to like it!

At Redstone Foods, we pride ourselves on finding only the best quality products when it comes to candy and glass-bottle, craft sodas. Our selection of over 7,000 confection and gourmet food products and over 500 craft sodas, ginger ales and ginger beer leaves very little to be desired.

Whether you’re a dedicated candy shop, corner market or a large grocery store chain, you’ll be impressed with our level of customer service. We are able to ship most of our orders within 24-48 hours.

Sign up for an account with us online today! If you have any questions about any of our products, please give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you soon.