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Chocolate Liqueurs Could Appeal to New Customer Types


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Everyone has one of “those days” every once in a while. You know, after a rough day, sometimes you just want to wrap up in a comfy robe, put on your slippers, light a candle and sit down with the intent of eating a whole box of chocolates all by yourself. Other times you may just say to yourself: “I need a drink… Or two… or three”. Luckily, you can do both with an extensive selection of chocolate liqueur and other types of alcohol-infused candies that are available today.

Most of the time, these liquor-filled chocolate bottles are only available during the holiday season, typically from around Halloween to New Years. These special events chocolate treats come in a variety of fun flavors for adult consumers. It’s like taking tiny shots that are wrapped up in a delicious milk or dark chocolate coating.

At Redstone Foods, we have a nice selection of quality chocolate liqueurs that are available year-round.


Check out our selection of Goldkenn chocolates that include multiple different flavors. These include Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey, Remy Martin Cognac, Captain Morgan Rum, Amaretto and our favorite, Cointreau, which is an orange-flavored liqueur. All of the liquor flavors are encased in Goldkenn’s delicious Swiss milk chocolate.

Other products are offered seasonally and the selection at Redstone Foods is second to none in the candy business! Liquor filled chocolates are perfect for satisfying your adult consumer’s sweet tooths. If you own a specialty shop, or candy store, they are great for keeping the adults entertained. Chocolate liquor bottles can also help attract new customers to your place of business.

Can chocolate liqueurs actually get me drunk?

This is a great question! While the answer is yes, technically you can get all sorts of “drunk” off of liquor chocolates, but realistically, it would be a pretty difficult feat to accomplish.

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Some of the experts at Good Food did the math and found out that in order to feel inebriated off of chocolate liqueurs, a typical adult would need to consume roughly one and a half pounds of chocolates. Now, that’s a lot of chocolate for just one sitting!

Honestly, you’d be better off taking a couple of pounds of M&M’s to your favorite bar and just eat them by the handful while you sipped on your favorite cocktail.

One important distinction to make here is the difference between liquor and liqueurs. While liquor is the potent combination of fermented grains, fruits or other plants, liqueur is the diluted and sweetened form of liquor. Most liquors range from 40 – 55% alcohol content, while liqueurs have typically only around 15% alcohol content in them.

In addition, chocolate liqueurs contain a maximum of only 5% alcohol by weight or volume. Most products contain somewhere around 2.5% alcohol. So again, you would have to eat a lot to actually get drunk off of them.

Some of our favorite chocolate liqueurs that are available from Redstone Foods

For the adult candy lovers in your life, maybe this year forget about the typical dark chocolate truffles or sea salt caramels. Instead, treat them to some liquor filled chocolate bottles! These always make for a great gift, because as we’ve covered before, pretty much everyone loves chocolate! The only problem you may have is matching the right flavor of liqueur to each person on your gift list.

Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from. Let us share some of our favorites with you here:

Anthon Berg Chocolate Cocktails


Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs are like buying your friends and family a round of their favorite drinks. These top-shelf liquors are encased in chocolate bottles, with a fancy foil wrapper. They are made to look like miniature versions of the bottles you’d find in your nearest liquor store.

Each are carefully selected to make a fine compliment to Anthon Berg’s exquisite dark chocolate. These make great gifts for almost any occasion.

Goldkenn Cointreau


The Goldkenn Cointreau milk chocolate bar is made from the finest in Swiss chocolate with a liquid Cointreau center. Cointreau is a dry orange-flavored liquor that pairs exceptionally well with chocolate. The bar is separated into squares, each containing a small amount of triple sec liqueur.

We recommend breaking off one or two squares and letting them melt in your mug of hot chocolate. Talk about citrusy, chocolate decadence!

Goldkenn Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey


Another exceptional combination of flavors from Goldkenn. Their Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey bar is a sweet, creamy masterpiece. This bar combines their 37% cocoa Swiss milk chocolate with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Whiskey.

For those who aren’t too fond of liquor in general, this one has a satisfyingly sweet and smooth finish. If you’re like me and you kind of cringe a little at even the thought of taking shots, I can assure you that this is one of the most enjoyable chocolate liqueurs out there.

Turin Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolates


Turin chocolates really hit the proverbial ball-out-of-the-park with this product. Their Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor-filled chocolates offer the perfect mix of flavors.

Once you bite into one of these chocolates, your tastebuds are transported to the Emerald Isle on a river of milky-smooth Bailey’s Irish Cream. We recommend putting one of these at the bottom of your cup of coffee on Christmas morning. Delicious!

Chocolate liqueur laws vary by state

As we mentioned earlier, all of these products contain alcohol and as such are regulated differently under state and local laws. In the United States, you must be 21 to enjoy these treats, even if it is a “special occasion.”

Depending on where you live, these might not even be legal for anyone to sell, purchase or consume at all. According to the Specialty Food Association, 16 states have outlawed candies with alcohol completely. So, it is absolutely essential to do your due diligence and check your state and local laws before you consider carrying these in your stores.

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When it comes to picking a crowd-pleasing gift for your family and friends, there are two go-to products that are always a hit: chocolates and alcohol. These chocolate liqueurs offer the best of both world and they are sure to satisfy almost every adult on your list.

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