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It’s Christmas Time! Our Best Holiday Items


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From delicious, melt in your mouth chocolates to minty peppermint bark, candy canes, gum drops and advent calendars, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year for candy enthusiasts! Everybody loves indulging in food and sweet treats around Thanksgiving and Christmas time. And this year will be no different.

Christmas candies are seemingly everywhere, from a visit to your Grandparent’s house, to a trip to the bank or your doctor’s office, virtually everyone is sharing some sort of holiday sweets around this time of the year. Candy is unique in that it gives us something fun and enjoyable to share with our loved ones. Every day is a “cheat day” around the holiday season. Just don’t take too much of your kid’s candy from their stockings! That’s just plain mean, as late night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel shows us every Halloween.

Even though there is candy everywhere, there are definitely a few items that catch our eye during the holidays. At Redstone Foods, we’ve created a list of our best holiday items that are truly exceptional in the field.

These Christmas candies and holiday favorites are just what you need to get into the holiday spirit!

From budget friendly bulk candy options to our most elegant specialty candy, this list will have a little something for everyone. Some of these products are perfect for a stocking stuffer, while others serve as exceptional party favors, or for the candy bowl at your office. Some of the items on our list could be considered a fantastic gift in and of itself.

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So get the fire going, pour some hot cocoa and put on your fuzzy reindeer slippers. We’re about to take a stroll down candy cane lane for this year’s list of must-have holiday items!

Brach’s Peppermint Candy Canes


No list of Christmas candies would be complete without the original, old-school Brach’s Peppermint Candy Cane. These are not only fun and delicious to eat, they also make for great holiday decorations. Many will hang these ornament candies directly on their Christmas tree and we couldn’t think of any product that’s more iconic than the candy cane.

Andes Crème De Menthe Thins


There’s so many minty Christmas candies out there, it’s hard to pick just one. But we would be remiss if we didn’t include Andes mint chocolates somewhere on this list. There’s no more crowd-pleasing candy at a holiday dinner party than Andes chocolate mints. These make great party favors and pair perfectly with your after dinner coffee. Maybe if we just eat one we won’t be tempted by dessert… Yeah, that never works for us either.

McSteven’s Holiday Cat Nog


We get it. We know what you’re thinking… Heck, we thought that too when we first heard of McSteven’s “Cat Nog”. So, what is it? This is a holiday-themed powdered milk drink that your cats will absolutely love! (Even though it contains no alcohol). All you have to do is add water, then sit back and watch them enjoy a fancy treat!

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Who says the holidays are just for humans anyways? We’re the kind of people who put up stockings for our pets, and they always get a visit from Santa Paws every year! McSteven’s Cat Nog makes a great gift for your cat, or for any cat lovers in your family.

Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange


Terry’s chocolate oranges are another perfect addition to any holiday party. Using a subtle combination of rich, dark chocolate and natural orange extract, this sweet has become a must-have for the holidays. Just tap it, unwrap it and enjoy!

Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Peanut Butter Holiday Tree


We couldn’t possibly imagine a holiday without Reese’s. The Reese’s Pieces Holiday Tree is an amazing combination of milk chocolate, creamy peanut butter and Reese’s Pieces! These are small enough to make the perfect stocking stuffer, but big on flavor! Adding the crunch of Reese’s Pieces is what makes this holiday treat one of our absolute favorites!

Star Wars Mandalorian Advent Calendar


Advent Calendars are used to count the days of Advent in a lead-up to Christmas Day. Celebrate this special month with one of the hottest Disney Plus shows: The Mandalorian. The Mandalorian Advent Calendar features “The Child” (Grogu) looking as cute as ever with gifts of a new milk chocolate medallion to unwrap each day.

At Redstone Foods, we have a huge selection of limited-edition and licensed products from your favorite TV shows and movies. Search for all of your favorite characters - in candy form on our website!

Elf Movie - Pass The Syrup Maple Candy


Speaking of movies, one of our all-time favorites is the 2003 Will Farrell classic: Elf. Take home the signature boyish wonder for all things Christmas with these maple syrup flavored hard candies. These Elf maple candy tins are great collectibles and stocking stuffers for children and adults alike.

Hammonds Double Chocolate Cocoa Mix


There’s no better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a rich and creamy cup of hot cocoa. This drink is so chocolatey, that it’s sure to become a Christmas tradition around your house. Enjoy with a generous portion of marshmallows and you're sure to stay warm and cozy this holiday season with Hammond’s Double Chocolate Cocoa!

Melville Chocolate Marshmallow Topper – Snowflakes


The perfect hot holiday drink, just isn’t the same without marshmallows. Top off your fancy hot cocoa, with Melville Chocolate Marshmallow Snowflake Toppers. These are marshmallows, shaped like snowflakes that are hand-dipped in creamy white chocolate for a touch of elegance that makes for the perfect addition to your hot cocoa. They taste amazing with your favorite coffee too! These can be given out as a delicious gift, or you can just keep them as a special treat for yourself!

Pez Christmas Stocking Tube


Perhaps there is no more perfect stocking stuffer than the original Pez dispenser. Though the candy was invented in 1927, the Pez dispenser didn’t first appear until 1955, and who were the first characters featured on the dispenser? Santa Claus and a robot, (Santa Claus is still their best-selling character of all time). They instantly became a hit and now the rest is history. The Pez Christmas Stocking Tube contains one dispenser and 7 packs of Pez fruity candy.

Niche Gourmet Chocolate Game Controller


Video games are probably at the top of your kid’s Christmas lists this year and what better way to show some love for the gamers in your life, than with a new video game controller. Only this one is better, because it’s made entirely out of chocolate! Niche Gourmet’s Chocolate Game Controller makes a perfect gift for video game enthusiasts of any age!

Bee International Hanukkah Dreidel Candy Tubes


The holiday season is about much more than just Christmas. Celebrating Hanukkah will be especially festive with these Bee International Hanukkah Dreidel Tubes, with kosher chocolate lentils. This product combines a unique novelty candy with a traditional symbol of the season: a dreidel. Kids can play with the four-sided top and play games, placing all of their bets in candy!

Dillon’s Gourmet Pecan Roll


Dillion’s Gourmet Pecan Rolls are each handmade with a light, fluffy nougat, then covered in creamy caramel and rolled in the finest, fresh natural pecans. These can be given as a gift, or they would make a perfect sweet treat for any holiday party.

Ghirardelli Candy Making Wafers – White Chocolate


An important part of Christmas tradition is making your own candy! With the Ghirardelli White Chocolate Candy Making Wafers you can give your peppermint bark, pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate covered strawberries the distinct smooth-as-silk white chocolate that made Ghirardelli famous. These easy to work with wafers will help bring out your inner confectioner and they create a fun way to spend time with your kids. Inspire future generations of candy makers with these Ghirardelli candy making wafers!

Haribo Candy Cane Gummies


Both kids, and grown-ups have a special love for gummy candies. Haribo has made another special treat here, with their Candy Cane Gummies. These are an assortment of three flavors: green apple, cherry and plum. They even have a gift tag printed right on the bag, so they’ll make a celebrated gift for that special someone!

Nerds Holiday Rope


There really is something special about Nerds Holiday Rope. This product combines the delicious crunch of Nerds candy with a soft, chewy and fruity gummy rope center. The zany colors, textures and flavors all combine to create a celebration of candy in itself. We promise that you’ll absolutely love these!

Christmas Dots by Tootsie


One of our favorite holiday season traditions is going to the movies. And one of our favorite movie theatre candies is, and has always been Dots! (Don’t worry, Junior Mints… We’ll get to you in a second). These holiday-themed Christmas Dots offer cherry vanilla and lime vanilla flavors. They certainly are everything you’ve ever wanted in a holiday candy.

Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch


Another iconic movie theatre candy is of course, Junior Mints. Their holiday offering: Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch is a new take on the timeless classic. This limited-edition candy is your classic Junior Mint, but rolled in crushed peppermint candies, giving a bit of crunch to the creamy, minty chocolate candy we’ve all come to know and love.

Merci Finest Selection of European Chocolates


Last, but not least on our list of our best holiday items is Merci’s Finest Selection of European Chocolates. This variety pack makes for an exquisite gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. This gift box includes eight individually-wrapped flavors, including: milk chocolate, dark crème filled chocolate, hazelnut almond, hazelnut crème, dark mousse, praline crème, coffee and cream and marzipan. These chocolates are made in Europe from the finest ingredients.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best treats and gift ideas for the holiday season. Redstone Foods has been delivering a sweet experience to our customers since 1966. With an ever-growing catalog of over 6,000 specialty candy products, craft glass-bottle sodas and gourmet snack foods, we have something for just about everyone. Let us know if we can help you during your shopping experience with us!