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These Fun Energy Drinks Will Help You Get Through Your Day!



Sometimes all you need is a little extra boost of energy to help you get through your day. Whether you’re shredding the gnar on some wicked surf, or just trying to stay awake during your post-lunch slump at the office, energy drinks have become America’s go-to for a quick pick me up.

At Redstone Foods, we’re known for our giant selection of candy, glass-bottle craft sodas and gourmet snacks. But we also have an extensive selection of unique and delicious beverages that are designed to help boost your overall energy levels!

Energy drinks have been quite the phenomenon here in the United States over the course of the last few decades. People sometimes use them to stay up all night, or even just to keep their heart rate up, helping them feel more awake and alert. Their popularity, especially among young adults means some big business for the food and snack industry, as the energy drink market is poised to reach $85 billion by the year 2025.

A brief history of energy drinks

Sports drinks are nothing new. Back in 1965, a University of Florida assistant football coach asked the Gator’s team physicians to look into why the Florida heat was affecting so many of their athletes. The health care professionals assigned with this task found that the fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates the players needed to perform were not being replenished adequately.

The team physicians developed a drink to help combat this and Gatorade was born. The Gators went on to win the Orange Bowl the following year, creating a buzz around this supposedly magical elixir. This led to many other college football teams ordering batches of Gatorade and the sports drink industry was created.

Modern energy drinks were created around the same time in Japan. In 1962 Lipovitan D (an herbal energizing tonic) began selling in stores around Japan. It was primarily marketed to factory workers and truck drivers who needed to stay awake for their long shifts. This contained a compound, known as taurine which would become a staple in modern products like Red Bull and Monster Energy Drinks.


In 1976, Krating Daeng was introduced in Japan, but this time the taurine was complimented with B-vitamins and caffeine. This was incredibly popular with businessmen and executives across the Asian market.

In 1984, an Australian businessman, Dietrich Mateschiz had discovered the energizing tonics while on a business trips to Bangkok. He formed a partnership with the company, changed the name to Red Bull and brought the enterprise into European markets. It became a huge hit, and by 1997, Red Bull moved into the United States with great success.

Today, energy drinks are everywhere, from novelty stores, gas stations, grocery stores and even candy shops. Many of these offer a solid source of caffeine, with some containing nearly 3 times as much as a regular cup of coffee! Many come in fun flavors and even feature popular characters from everyone’s favorite movies, TV shows and video games!

When consumed in moderation, energy drinks are a great way to help you push past your limits physically, and stay on task and focused cognitively. Staying on task and accomplishing your goals can really do wonders for your overall productivity which can serve as a nice boost to your mental health. These energy drink products will help create conversations in your shop and we know your customers are going to love them!

Rick and Morty Fleeb Juice Energy Drink

Rick-and-Morty-Fleeb-Juice-Energy-Drink-Can 17510


Perhaps the most popular adult sci-fi cartoon of all time just launched its sixth season with a bang! The Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim certainly has found a hit with Rick and Morty. The show has become a major pop culture phenomenon and the creators of the show seem to be just getting warmed up.

Celebrate the launch of the long-awaited new season with your very own can of Fleeb Juice! Each Fleeb is rubbed to ensure peak juicy perfection and is essential in creating a Plumbus. We might not know what that even means, but your customers surely will!

Rick and Morty Toxic Rick Energy Drink

Toxic-Rick-Energy-Drink-Boston-America-Corp 17516


Another great entry into the Rick and Morty universe comes from Boston America Corp’s Toxic Rick Energy Drink. Purge all the tired, boring and toxic vibes from your body with this sweet elixir. With imagery taken directly from the “Rest and Ricklaxation” episode, this energy drink will instantly get noticed by even the most causal of Rick and Morty fans.

Bleach Soul Reaper Energy Drink

Bleach-Soul-Reaper-Energy-Drink 17636


The popular anime show, Bleach is also celebrating a launch of new content this fall with their Thousand Year Blood War. Set for release on October 10th, this new chapter will follow Ichio Kurosaki in the events of the final manga of the series. Featuring bold imagery of the main character of the series, Bleach Soul Reaper Energy Drink will help guard you as you traverse the paths between Soul Society and the Human World.

My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Energy Drink

My-Hero-Academia-Plus-Ultra-Energy-Drink 17538


Another popular anime based on the Japanese superhero manga series has been taking the world by storm. My Hero Academia Plus Ultra Energy Drink will help take you “Further Beyond” with its cranberry flavored energy. All Might would approve!

Bawls Original Guarana Soda

Bawls-Original-Guarana-Soda-Can 32561

Get yourself in the zone with the original flavor Bawls Guarana Soda! Some say it tastes like a lemon-lime soda mixed with cream soda, but the true answer is that it tases like the guarana berry! Get your hands on these 16oz cans, available to order in wholesale quantities on our website.

Dragon Tail Lightning Cola

Dragon-Tail-Lightning-Cola-Green-Tea 30014


The Dragon Tail Lightning Cola is a delicious, craft soda that has a hint of green tea extract. Green tea has many health benefits. It is high in antioxidants and is known to boost your metabolism and mental alertness.

This cola also contains guarana berry extracts, which is known to heighten energy levels, helping you maintain both your physical endurance and stamina. This cola contains 180mg of caffeine and is also made without any high fructose corn syrup.

Bob Ross The Joy of Calm Sparkling Beverage

Bob-Ross-The-Joy-of-Calm-Calming-Beverage 17617


Maybe you don’t need the extra boost of energy, and that’s okay. Sometimes, we just need to calm down. We can’t think of any better way to ease your soul than with the soothing essence that is Bob Ross. His painting show, “The Joy of Painting” on PBS is a timeless classic, and no one had a calmer, sweeter voice than the prince of peaceful landscapes.

Paint some happy little trees in your mind with the Bob Ross The Joy of Calm sparkling beverage today! This drink infuses the flavor of peaceful passion fruit with a just a bit of ginseng root extract to help ease your body and spirit after a long day.

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