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Nostalgic Bliss: The Timeless Allure of Retro Candy Treats



In the confectionary world countless innovations and new sweet treats come out on an almost daily basis. While we always love to discover new products to tantalize our sweet tooth, there’s an almost constant yearning we feel, beckoning us to relive our past through some of our favorite old-fashioned candy treats from yesteryear. These vintage sweets are not just an ordinary indulgence, they can act as a portal that brings us back some of our fondest childhood memories.

Whatever reason you may have to take a stroll down memory lane, there is something ultimately satisfying about the timeless charm some of these retro candy treats have to offer. This is just one of the many reasons why vintage candy always sells well in candy stores across the United States. Not only have some withstood the test of time, but many have also experienced a second life, creating new variations for kids and adults to enjoy in their times of indulgence.

These products have offered countless generations of children a burst of excitement whenever they unwrap their favorite sweet treats from their childhood. So, let’s explore the delightful confluence of flavors and nostalgia that these timeless treats evoke! Reminisce with us as we relive the simple times, where candy store visits were the highlight of our week, and unwrapping our favorite candy bar often meant we were having a great time with our friends and family.

If you haven’t indulged in some of these sweet treats in a very long time, you’re not alone. It might even surprise you that many of your favorite vintage sweets are still available to this day! Redstone Foods has an impressive selection in our candy wholesale inventory online. These treats are sure to please your customers from all age groups and backgrounds, so let’s dive in!

Here are some of the most alluring retro candies you can still buy today:

Sugar Babies

Sugar-Babies-Milk-Caramels-Chocolate 53310


From the golden era of sweets, come Sugar Babies, the irresistible confection that's been sweetening lives since their debut in 1935. These delightful bite-sized caramel and chocolate treasures are a nostalgic throwback to the simple pleasures of yesteryears. Legend has it that these were inspired by a desire to create a candy that could be savored slowly, allowing you to escape into a world of sweetness with each bite.

Fast forward to today, and Sugar Babies are still rocking the candy scene. Why, you might ask? Well, they've mastered the art of time travel – no DeLorean required! Not only are these the perfect treat to enjoy while watching your favorite movie, they’ll also transport you back to the golden era of candy-making, where indulgence was an art form and caramel-chocolate combos were the height of sophistication. Sugar Babies simply prove that some things are so good, they’ll never go out of style!

Red Hots

Red-Hots-Retro-Cinnamon-Flavored-Candy-Wholesale 10042R

These tiny cinnamon-flavored gems have been around for almost 100 years! Red Hots transcend generational appeal, offering a unique blend of sweetness and heat that continues to captivate candy enthusiasts of all ages. With their fiery red hue and unmistakable cinnamon aroma, each Red Hot is a nostalgic reminder of the days when such a simple pleasure brought immense joy.

Just imagine playing on the school yard, the bell rings and you’ve still got a pocket full of cinnamon-flavored Red Hots. Whether you enjoyed them one by one, or by the heaping handful, Red Hots remain a timeless confectionery delight, adding a spicy twist to the sweet memories of your past.

Boston Baked Beans

Boston-Baked-Beans-Candy-Coated-Peanuts 00153B


Yet another pocket-sized explosion of nostalgia comes from the original Boston Baked Beans. These candy-coated peanuts have been delighting America’s taste buds for well over a century. While the internet is littered with different origin stories – the main one being that they were invented in Chicago (not Boston) in the 1920’s, there is strong evidence that they’ve been around since as far back as 1875.

Regardless of their actual origin, the Ferrara Candy Company has perfected this sweet, crunchy and nutty fusion of flavors. I don’t know what it is about this relatively simple candy, but each bite is vividly reminiscent of my childhood days, where I was regularly attending baseball games and Saturday matinees at my local cinema. You too can experience the same jolt of nostalgia with each sweet and crunchy bite of Boston Baked Beans!

Idaho Spud

Idaho-Spud-Dark-Chocolate-Cocnut-Marshmallow-Vintage-Candy-Bar 12122


First created way back in 1918, the Idaho Spud oddly contains zero potato. Actually, it would’ve been weirder if they did put a potato in a candy bar! Luckily for our taste buds, the Idaho Candy Company opted for a chocolate-flavored marshmallow crème, wrapped in dark chocolate, and sprinkled with fresh coconut shavings. The textures and flavors of this classic confection have been a delight for many generations.

Though its popularity has been mostly reserved to the Northwest region of the United States, you can now enjoy this potato-shaped candy bar virtually anywhere in the world, thanks to America’s favorite candy distributor: Redstone Foods!


Chick-O-Stick-Old-Fashioned-Candy 63631


If you’re looking to embark on an old-fashioned taste journey that defies the ordinary, look no further than the original Chick-O-Stick! Developed by the Atkinson Candy Company in the 1950’s this crunchy treat is as timeless as it is delicious.

Combining the exceptional sweet and salty flavors of roasted peanut and coconut, this concoction will dance on your palate like a carnival for your taste buds. Beneath the outer crunch lies a secret world of peanut butter goodness, where nutty nuances meld with the sweet echoes of pure, unadulterated bliss. With each crunchy bite, you’ll be treating your mouth to a symphony of audible delight that is sure to leave you wanting more!

Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Bonomo-Turkish-Taffy-Original-Vanilla-Flavor-Old-Fashioned-Candy 193001


This classic treat dates all the way back to Coney Island in 1912. Yet another victim of popular internet misinformation, Bonomo Turkish Taffy is not Turkish and was not invented by Victor Bonomo. Instead, Turkish Taffy was invented by Herman Herer, an Austrian immigrant who got his start with an apprenticeship as a candy maker in New York.

When Herman was making a batch of marshmallow candy, he made a mistake by adding too many egg whites to the recipe. Rather than throwing the batch out and starting over, Herer believed he was on to something great, and with a little experimentation, Turkish Taffy was born! Although no one really knows for sure how he came up with the name.

The candy quickly gained popularity with its distinct texture and the entertaining ritual of breaking it into bite-sized pieces and sharing with your friends and family. You see, unlike traditional taffy, which is soft and chewy, this product was brittle at room temperature. After a long hiatus, Turkish Taffy was brought back to the market in 2010. Today you can enjoy this classic candy in 4 unique flavors: original vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana.

Stick Candy

Gilliam-Butterscotch-Stick-Candy-Retro-Sweets 16207


Stick candy, (or candy stick, barber pole, or circus stick) has been around longer than most traditional candies. Dating as far back as 1837, stick candy is known for its cylindrical shape. Much like candy canes, most stick candy features at least two colors, twisted to resemble an old-fashioned barber’s pole.

Today, you can still indulge in this classic candy, but it is available in a galaxy of new and creative flavors. At Redstone Foods, we carry classic stick candy made by Gilliam. The flavors range from traditional flavors like peppermint, butterscotch, root beer, tutti frutti, and bubblegum to more experimental flavors like birthday cake, peaches and cream, clove, and candy corn.

Circus Peanuts

Circus-Peanuts-Marshmallow-Old-Time-Candy 50049


Circus Peanuts, those iconic orange, peanut-shaped marshmallow candies, have a long history dating way back to the late 19th century. Love them, or loathe them, Circus Peanuts are possibly even more controversial than black licorice, or even candy corn! Trust us, if you want to start a really heated argument with your loved ones, just bring up this classic penny candy.

Even though it’s one of those candies that some people vehemently despise, there certainly must be something good about them to survive for well over a century. While I was never particularly fond of the bright orange candy, I didn’t mind them and would eat them on quite a few occasions during my childhood. Regardless of your personal preferences, Circus Peanuts have endured as a nostalgic piece of sweet Americana.

Thank you for joining us for this trip down memory lane! As a time-honored leader in the candy industry, Redstone Foods has been putting smiles on people’s faces since 1966, spreading the joy of retro sweets across generations. Our giant warehouse is a treasure trove of memories, featuring a rotating selection of new products each month, ensuring you'll discover the perfect sweets to showcase in your shop.

Redstone Foods is more than just America’s favorite candy distributor; we are a third-generation, family-owned business with a passion for delivering sweet treats, and smiles all across the globe.

Give us a call today, or simply sign up for an account online. We hope to gain the opportunity to serve you and we look forward to hearing from you!