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Savory Spice: The Sweet Heat of Ginger Candy!


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It’s not very often that we get to discuss “health benefits” and “candy” in the same article. But today we’re going to find out why it’s an incredibly apt point to make when we are talking about the many benefits of ginger candy. Not only can it help with an upset stomach, prevent nausea and vomiting, and generally works as a digestive aid, but it also has plenty of anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great addition to your diet to soothe sore muscles and even to ease pain from arthritis.

That’s why many people these days are choosing to consume ginger chews and candies on a daily basis. Some people order ginger candy by the pound and will eat one or two after each meal, or as a small snack that can help curb their appetite. These are just a few of the ginger candy benefits you can look forward to when enjoying these sweet and somewhat spicy treats!

A Brief History of Ginger

Ginger has been cultivated and used by humans for thousands of years, with its origins dating back to ancient China and India. While the word “ginger root” gets thrown around quite often, the edible ginger that is predominantly used is actually a rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale. This rhizome grows underground, much like a potato or a parsnip. Calling it a root is technically a misnomer.

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Ginger was most likely first domesticated by the Austronesian peoples of Maritime Southeast Asia, encompassing parts of China, Island Southeast Asia, Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. It is believed that ginger was one of their canoe plants that allowed Austronesians the ability to expand their settlement of islands and territories reaching as far east as Hawaii and even as far west as Madagascar.

In addition to its culinary uses in various cuisines, ginger has a long history of being used in traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These ancient healers valued ginger for its ability to aid digestion, alleviate nausea, and treat various other ailments. Over time, ginger became a staple ingredient in both culinary and medicinal practices, earning its reputation as a versatile and potent spice.

Ginger quickly spread across Asia and eventually made its way to Europe and other parts of the world through various spice trade routes. Ancient Greeks and Romans were captivated by its aromatic allure and presumed health benefits, so they eagerly incorporated ginger into their culinary and medicinal practices, further solidifying its esteemed status in ancient civilizations.

By the 14th century, a pound of ginger cost as much as one sheep in England. It was used to help thwart the bubonic plague and it even held a place at the dinner table, right there next to salt and pepper. From ancient spice markets to bustling kitchens, ginger quickly became the spice of life, adding its zesty charm to a myriad of dishes, like fragrant curries, sizzling stir-fries, delectable sushi rolls, and even into desserts like gingerbread cookies.

Candied ginger, or crystallized ginger, presents yet another delightful way to enjoy this versatile spice all on its own. Crafted by simmering raw ginger pieces in a sweet sugar syrup, it transforms into a soft, chewy treat bursting with sweetness and just a little bit of spice.

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Beyond its culinary appeal, crystalized ginger holds a secret weapon against a common ailment: morning sickness during pregnancy. For expectant mothers who are experiencing the side effects of pregnancy-induced nausea, a few pieces of candied ginger can work wonders in alleviating those uncomfortable symptoms!

Check Out These Amazing Ginger Candy Products Available from Redstone Foods

At Redstone Foods, we have a healthy selection of ginger candy that are a great addition to your candy shop’s lineup. With the plethora of potential health benefits ginger offers, and the growing interest expressed by the public, these products provide a simple, yet delicious way to incorporate ginger into your diet!

Gin Gins

Gin-Gins-Chewy-Ginger-Candy-Stand-Up-Pouch-The-Ginger-People 90502


First up, from The Ginger People, are America’s top-selling ginger candy: Gin Gins. These chewy ginger candies are a delightful fusion of sweet and spicy flavors, crafted with care using only the finest ginger and pure cane sugar. Each soft and chewy bite bursts with the invigorating taste of ginger, offering a natural pick-me-up whenever you need it. Whether you're soothing a queasy stomach from traveling, satisfying a sweet craving, or simply seeking a flavorful treat, Gin Gins are the perfect choice for ginger enthusiasts and candy lovers alike.

Available in regular and super strength, Gin Gins also come in spicy apple, spicy turmeric, and peanut flavors! Each treat comes individually wrapped in a convenient resealable stand-up pouch. They are also gluten free and non-GMO, so you can enjoy these sweet, spicy treats without any hint of worry!

Honees Honey Ginger Drops

Honees-Honey-Ginger-Drops 0460


This is the first time we’ve ever mentioned a cough drop in our candy blog, but Honees are so tasty, they might as well be candy! Honees has been soothing sore throats and easing coughs for over 80 years. Their Honey Ginger Drops have a soothing liquid honey center that works fast at giving you long lasting relief.

All of Honees products are made with no artificial ingredients, no gluten, and no GMOs, which makes them the perfect solution for anyone with a sore throat. So, try Honees cough drops today, because we guarantee that you’ve never heard a bumblebee cough!

Ginger Delights Candy Pastilles

Ginger-Delights-Blood-Orange-Ginger-Hard-Candy 19021


Big Sky Brands' Ginger Delights are delectable candies crafted with care. Combining the warm, zesty flavor of ginger with a touch of sweetness, these hard candies are a truly satisfying treat. Each bite-sized delight offers a burst of aromatic ginger goodness that tantalizes the taste buds and leaves you craving more.

Perfect for enjoying on the go or as a cozy indulgence at home, Big Sky Brands' Ginger Delights are sure to brighten your day with their irresistible flavor and comforting warmth. These are available in four super-tasty flavors: Blood Orange, Spicy Chai, Anjou Pear, and Mango, so they’re the perfect way to satisfy your ginger cravings no matter what kind of mood you’re in!

Haribo Ginger Lemon

Haribo-Ginger-Lemon-Gummy-Candy 20410


Haribo Ginger Lemon gummi candy will certainly wake up your taste buds with is spicy, citrusy flavor! Each chewy piece is bursting with the zing of real ginger and the tangy zest of lemon, creating a harmonious blend of sweet, spicy, and sour notes. Whether you're craving a refreshing snack on a hot day or simply looking to add a little kick to your candy collection, Haribo Ginger Lemon gummy candy is the perfect choice for you!

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Anchor-Ginger-Root-Beer-Orca-Beverage 14091


Combining the best of both worlds – ginger ale, (or ginger beer) and root beer, Orca Beverage’s Anchor Ginger Root Beer offers the perfect blend of nostalgic classic root beer flavor, with just a hint of the mildly-spicy aftertaste of ginger. If you’re a traveler looking for the perfect soothing beverage, this root beer is for you!

Chocolove Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate Bar

Chocolove-Crystallized-Ginger-in-Dark-Chcolate-Bar 00166


Who would’ve thought that we’d bring a chocolate bar into an article about ginger? Luckily for the chocolate lovers of the world, Chocolove has created the perfect harmonious blend of chocolate and crystalized ginger with this 65% cacao dark chocolate bar. Not only is this bar dairy and gluten free, with the addition of sugar-coated chunks of tangy ginger, this candy bar is guaranteed to ignite your taste buds with the perfect balance of flavor and stimulation!

We hope we’ve piqued your interest in some of our tantalizing ginger candy products! At Redstone Foods, we're passionate about bringing you the finest selection of candy, snacks, and craft sodas. With our extensive range of confectionery products, including mouthwatering ginger candies, chocolates, sodas, and snacks, we're here to satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings!

With over 6,000 unique items and a vast selection of craft sodas boasting 500 different flavors, we're committed to keeping your customers as happy as a kid in a candy store! Get ready to spice up your snacking experience with America’s favorite candy distributor, Redstone Foods!

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