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You'll Get Tied-Up in Knots Over These Pretzel Candies!


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Macaroni and cheese, sunshine and the beach, s’mores and campfires, burgers and fries, peanut butter and jelly, Spongebob and Patrick. There’s a lot of things we can think of that are better when they’re paired with something complimentary to the other. But perhaps our favorite iconic duo of all time is none other than sweet and salty. Nothing beats your snack cravings like a sweet and salty snack, so that’s why we’ve decided to look at some of our favorite pretzel candies!

Pretzels lend well to the wide world of candy because these versatile, salty treats can add a lot of rich flavor profiles to some of your favorite sweet snacks. Pretzels always pair well with milk, white or dark chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, toffee and so much more! Don’t let your candy store miss out on pretzels - your customers are sure to be tempted by their savory, salty and sweet appeal!

A Brief History of the Pretzel

No one is really sure how the pretzel began, but most people seem to point towards the legend of an Italian monk sometime around the year 610 AD. When looking for something to do leftover dough scraps from making bread, the monk twisted the dough into a shape that was reminiscent of a child crossing their arms in prayer. The pretzel shape also creates 3 distinct holes, which was said to have represented the Holy Trinity.

The monk named these pretiola, a Latin word that roughly translates into “little reward” and he would give them out to the children in his village as a reward for completing their daily prayers.

Pretzel-Making-History 1945506691

These easy-to-make treats quickly spread throughout Europe and carried some religious significance with them due to their simple ingredients. Since they were made with only flour and water, they could be eaten during Lent, a time when Christians would give up certain foods.

Over the centuries, pretzels would grow to become associated with the Easter holiday. Children back then would actually hunt for pretzels on Easter morning, just like kids hunt for Easter eggs today. Back then, only soft pretzels were known to be made.

The crunchy pretzel didn’t appear until 1850, when pretzels first came to America. Legend has it that a baker’s apprentice at a pretzel factory in Pennsylvania fell asleep one night while baking, causing that particular batch of pretzels to be baked for twice as long as they should have been.

This enraged the master baker at the sight of the “ruined” pretzels, that is until he tried them. To his surprise, these pretzels were crispy, crunchy and actually quite delicious! They soon figured out that these “overcooked” pretzels would also last longer when kept in an airtight container. This was just one benefit of the additional cooking time.

With that simple mistake, the pretzel as we know it today was created! Now you can get all sorts of pretzels in all sorts of different flavors! There’s traditional soft pretzels, pretzel sticks, mini pretzels, square pretzels and even peanut butter stuffed pretzel bites!

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These snacks have such a versatile and complimentary flavor profile, that they can either be dipped into Dijon mustard, melted cheese, cinnamon and sugar, caramel, or even melted chocolate. All of these popular options come with their own unique, tasty flare. And don’t even get us started on how awesome pretzel clusters are when you mix them into your ice cream sundaes!

Always offering a savory, salty crunch to just about any sweet treat, the pretzel has been adored by American culture ever since their invention. So, let’s look at some awesome products you can buy today that feature pretzels in them!

Peanuts Linus Toffee Pretzel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate Bar

Peanuts-Linus-Toffee-Pretzel-Sea-Salt-Chocolate-Bar 104930


Astor Chocolate has been making their chocolate bars for 95 years. Always using only the finest ingredients, they are well-known for never cutting corners when it comes to quality. Their “Happiness is…” Toffee Pretzel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate candy bars are a prime example of their commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients.

Each recipe features popular characters from the Peanuts, and the Linus candy bar has the perfect amount of sweet and salty crunch with the addition of toffee and pretzel chunks! These bars have been performing exceptionally well in the candy stores we serve from all across the world!

Redstone Foods Sugar-Free Chocolate Pretzels

Redstone-Foods-Sugar-Free-Chocolate-Pretzels 02464


Now you can snack happy with our own sugar-free chocolate pretzels! These are available in bulk quantities, and make the perfect addition to your store’s bulk candy bins. First, we take premium, crunchy pretzel twists and coat them with a generous layer of sugar-free milk chocolate. If you’re looking for a great, sweet and salty snack while also watching your sugar intake, then these could be the perfect treat for you!

Redstone Foods Yogurt Pretzels

Redstone-Yogurt-Pretzels-Bulk 13Y

One thing is for certain: people absolutely love our yogurt covered pretzels! Our premium salted pretzels are dipped in a rich and creamy white yogurt that creates the perfect salty and sweet snacking option! These are the perfect addition to your lunch pail for a sweet and crunchy after meal snack! Order these in bulk quantities on our website here.

Albanese Milk Chocolate Pretzel Balls

Albanese-Milk-Chocolate-Pretzel-Balls 201028


If pretzel rods or twists aren’t your thing, then perhaps these perfectly bite-sized milk chocolate covered pretzel balls are right for you! First, their lightly-salted pretzel balls are baked to perfection and coated with a thick layer of signature Albanese milk chocolate. The Albanese Milk Chocolate Pretzel Balls have everything you’re looking for in a sweet and salty snack with a distinctly crunchy texture.

Pretzel M&Ms

Pretzel-M&Ms-Sharing-Size 263132


Thanks to their colorful candy shells, this candy melts in your mouth and not in your hands! Pretzel M&Ms offer the sweet, candy-coated milk chocolate we all know and love, but with the addition of crunchy, salty pretzels in the middle! These make a great go-to option for add-ins to your home baking creations. Also, if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your movie theater popcorn, look no further.

Reese’s Big Cup With Pretzels

Reeses-Big-Cup-With-Pretzels 24987

Another candy classic that’s made even better with the addition of pretzels! The Reese’s Big Cup With Pretzels combines the classic milk chocolate and peanut butter that’s made Reese’s a household name, with salty and crunchy pretzel chunks for a soft and smooth, yet crunchy treat that’s nearly impossible to beat! And just when you thought Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups couldn’t possibly get any more epic – yet, here we are.

Dark Reese’s Dipped Pretzels

Dark-Reeses-Dipped-Pretzels 44441

Another amazing entry from the peanut butter experts at Reese’s, the Dark Reese’s Dipped Pretzels are some of the most wonderful bite sized snacks you can get! First dipped in smooth, creamy peanut butter candy, then dipped in indulgent dark chocolate, you simply can’t go wrong when you’re craving a sweet, salty, crunchy treat! Grab a bag (or two, or three) of these and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Asher Chocolate Pretzel With Reese’s Pieces

Asher-Chocolate-Pretzels-With-Reeses-Pieces-Bulk 67275


What could make a chocolate-dipped pretzel possibly any better? Asher’s Chocolate Pretzel with Reese’s Pieces takes your pretzel experience to a whole new level! These brightly colored creations will certainly draw attention to your candy display case in your store! This perfect combination of textures and flavors are sure to satisfy all of your customer’s most decadent desires.

Chuao Pretzel Toffee Twirl

Chuao-Pretzel-Toffee-Twirl-Dark-Chocolate 900962


The folks at Chuao Chocolatier want to remind you that it’s pronounced “chew-wow”. One bite into their Pretzel Toffee Twirl dark chocolate bar, and you’ll understand why. Buttery toffee pieces and mini pretzels dance in lavish dark chocolate for one candy bar that’s nearly impossible to beat. Do yourself a favor and try one today!

Pretz Spicy Barbecue Pretzel Sticks

Pretz-Spicy-Barbecue-Baked-Pretzel-Sticks 15308


Okay, we know these aren’t candy, but the Pretz Spicy Barbecue baked pretzel sticks sure are worth mentioning here. Open up a package of these and it will have you saying: “Hello, me time!” These pack a slightly spicy, yet sweet and tangy flavor that is literally one of the best pretzels we’ve ever tasted! Pretz are also available in sour cream and onion, and pizza flavors. You seriously won’t regret giving these a try!

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