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Embrace the Summertime Fun with Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy!


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These late summer evenings always make me reminisce back to my childhood. Running around the county fair, the vibrant lights seemed to paint the night sky with hues of pink and blue, casting a magical glow upon the twirling carnival rides and bustling crowds. The tantalizing aroma of sweet treats wafted through the air, and my heart would skip a beat at the mere thought of the fluffy, sugary delight that still holds a special place in my heart – warm, freshly spun cotton candy.

For well over 120 years, cotton candy has twirled its way into the heart of American culture, proudly standing as an enduring symbol of some of our most treasured celebrations. From the enchanting realms of carnivals, circuses, county fairs, and amusement parks to the adrenaline-fueled arenas of sporting events, or even the rhythmic landscapes of music festivals, cotton candy takes center stage, as a sugary star that kids of all ages have grown to love.

So, let's delve into the intriguing history and nostalgia of this sweet delight. The question often arises: “was cotton candy invented by accident?” While various origin tales surround this beloved confection, one thing is clear - its creation was far from accidental.

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Cotton Candy Was Actually Invented by a Dentist!

While it may be hard to believe, in 1897 a Nashville dentist named William Morrison enlisted the help of his friend, confectioner John C. Wharton to invent an entirely new kind of candy treat. Together, they developed a machine that spun heated, liquified sugar through a screen, making strands that were then collected on a stick in a rotating drum.

They called this sugary treat “Fairy Floss” and introduced it to an eager public at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This exposition ran from late April to early December and was officially named the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

The duo sold boxes of their fairy floss to attendees for 25 cents a box. After 8 long months at the expo, Morrison and Wharton had made themselves a whopping $17,000! (That’s equivalent to almost half a million dollars in today’s money).

The success of this invention led them to immediately patent their “fairy floss machine” under their new name: The Electric Candy Company. This patent lasted 17 years, so anyone who made candy floss up until 1921 were bound by the use of their patented machine. Unfortunately, their cotton candy machine was clunky, loud, and notoriously unreliable.

When their patent expired in 1921, yet another dentist stepped up to the plate. Louisiana dentist, Joseph Lascaux wanted to make a sweet treat that he could reward his patients with after their checkups. While his machine was fairly similar to the one Morrison and Wheaton had invented, his important contribution to the candy industry was in the name he chose to give to his product. Not wanting to be associated with the makers of fairy floss, Lascaux came up with his own unique name: “Cotton Candy”.

He thought the candy looked like the cotton that was grown in his home state of Louisiana, so the name came naturally to him. Though the name has obviously stuck around ever since his time, Lascaux never really saw big success with the candy industry.

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Numerous other advancements in technology paved the way for a more satisfying experience with this treat, and the name cotton candy has stuck around ever since. Even though cotton candy is an American invention, many other cultures around the world also enjoy this tasty treat. Yet, many call it by a variety of different names:

  • Australia still calls it by its original name: “fairy floss”.
  • India, Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka and The United Kingdom call it “candy floss”.
  • Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates call it “girl’s hair”.
  • In Egypt, it is known as “girl’s yarn”.

But, no matter what you call it, cotton candy is a captivating and universally cherished indulgence that has left an indelible mark on many cultures across the globe. As the sweet tendrils of tradition continue to weave their way into the fabric of numerous societies, the enchantment of cotton candy persists, constantly reminding us of the enduring delight it brings.

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Traditionally, the original candy floss was white in color. Along the way, food coloring was added and for decades, cotton candy sugar was typically spun into only two colors: pink or light blue.

Today, there are a seemingly infinite number of cotton candy-inspired products available on the market. From cotton candy-flavored jelly beans, and cotton candy ice cream, to cotton candy popping boba, and even cotton candy grapes, the influence of this spun sugar confection knows no bounds. It is safe to say that people from all walks of life have a similar admiration for these imaginative twists on the classic treat.

Cotton candy's surge in popularity in recent years can be attributed, in part, to the introduction of a vibrant array of colors, flavors, and playful options that have come about with the advent of pre-packaged cotton candy. As America’s favorite candy distributor, Redstone Foods is thrilled to present a curated selection of products that capture the essence and magic of cotton candy in every delightful bite. We proudly offer an impressive selection of over 80 distinct products encompassing both traditional cotton candy and innovative, cotton candy-inspired flavored products. Let’s dive in!

Some of the Exciting Pre-Packaged Cotton Candy Products Available Wholesale from Redstone Foods:

Fun Sweets Sour Warheads Cotton Candy Tubs


Fun Sweets has really hit the mark with their Sour Warheads Cotton Candy Tubs. Coming with blue raspberry and watermelon flavors, this exceptional treat introduces a tantalizing twist to the world of sour candy. Brace yourself for a sensory journey that redefines cotton candy and sets a new standard for unforgettable sour flavor sensations!

CSB Cotton Candy – Root Beer Float

Chocolate-Storybook-Root-Beer-Float-Cotton-Candy-Tub FT03


Chocolate Storybook boasts a whopping 50 plus flavors of gourmet cotton candy. Their offering ranges from more traditional flavors, like banana split, watermelon, strawberry cheesecake, and frosted doughnut, to more adventurous flavors, such as Mexican hot chocolate, pumpkin spice, pickle, and even spicy jalapeno pepper!

We would like to write about all of their flavors (because they’re all great!), but one that really stands out is their Root Beer Float Cotton Candy. This is a whimsical delight that captures the essence of a classic soda fountain treat, in one uniquely spun confection. Imagine the nostalgic aroma of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream swirling with the effervescent notes of old-fashioned root beer, all encapsulated within the delicate threads of cotton candy. Jeez, now I’m craving some already!

Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy

Dr-Pepper-Cotton-Candy-Peg-Bag 12883


Speaking of adventurous flavors of cotton candy, Taste of Nature, Inc is certainly no stranger to fun and innovative candy products. Their Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy combines the 23 flavors that Dr. Pepper is famous for, with a playful, unexpected twist! The result is a truly remarkable confection that takes your taste buds on a captivating journey through the distinct flavor essence that has made this soda pop a timeless favorite.

Hot Tamales Cotton Candy

Hot-Tamales-Cotton-Candy-Thrive-Brands 153044


Imagine if you will, the fierce cinnamon zing of Hot Tamales candy, coupled with the delicate and airy texture of your favorite cotton candy. Hot Tamales Cotton Candy gives you a fiery kick in the mouth that will tingle your taste buds, all while giving you the comforting sweetness you’d expect from cotton candy. It’s a harmonious balance between heat and sweet, creating a captivating contrast that is as thrilling as it is satisfying!

Charms Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy

Charms-Fluffy-Stuff-Rainbow-Sherbet-Cotton-Candy 24340


This fun and exciting twist on a classic frozen treat simply can’t be beat! The fruity flavors of the rainbow sherbet you enjoyed in the summertime of your youth is now available in a cotton candy treat that won’t instantly start melting in the hot summer sun. The tangy citrus notes, coupled with sweet berry undertones and a hint of creamy vanilla make Charms Fluffy Stuff Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy one delightfully fun fusion of flavor and playful imagination!

Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy – Fruit Juicy Red

Hawaiian-Punch-Cotton-Candy-Fruit-Juicy-Red 45270


Bring the tropical flavor of the Hawaiian Islands home with you with Taste of Nature’s new Hawaiian Punch Cotton Candy! With the distinctive fruity goodness you remember from Hawaiian Punch, this cotton candy dissolves on your tongue releasing a blast of tropical flavors that will instantly transport your taste buds to an island paradise. This lively product captures the inherent nostalgia of the beloved citrusy beverage, dating all the way back to 1934.

Peeps Marshmallows - Cotton Candy Flavor

Peeps-Marshmallow-Chicks-Cotton-Candy-Easter 59012


This confection combines two of the lightest, fluffiest and sweetest of all candies together into one amazing product. It’s not actually cotton candy, but it tastes just like it! Peeps Cotton Candy Marshmallow Chicks are the perfect treat for Easter, or even just some random Wednesday afternoon. Although marshmallow Peeps have become somewhat synonymous with the Easter holiday, believe us when we tell you that they can literally be enjoyed anytime you want! Trust us, these things are about as delicious as a candy could possibly get!

As we wrap up our exploration of the enchanting history of cotton candy, we invite you to take the next step in your candy journey with us here at Redstone Foods. With a legacy of delivering an unrivaled candy wholesale experience, we proudly extend our hand to guide you through a world of confectionery wonders. Join us, and you'll gain more than just access to an extensive selection of candy – you'll become a part of a broader community that shares your passion for all things sweet!

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