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Elevate Your Sweet Tooth with Gourmet & Artisan Candy Bars


Elevate-Your-Swee-Tooth-With-Gourmet-Artisan-Candy-Bars-Chocolate 2354313263

Candy bars are a delectable treat, no matter how old you are. While we absolutely love the candy bar classics like a Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Butterfinger, or a Milky Way, there comes a moment when we yearn for something more refined, more sophisticated. In this article we are going to explore some gourmet and artisan candy bars that will leave your taste buds feeling adorned in lavish elegance.

Not only are these chocolate bars crafted with care, but they also go beyond the ordinary by showcasing creative ingredients and unique flavor combinations for the ultimate sweet tooth experience. Imagine savoring a small batch candy bar that seamlessly blends exotic spices with velvety dark chocolate, or one that introduces your taste buds to the intriguing dance of sweet, yet savory bacon.

These uniquely sophisticated flavors would leave even a specialty candy maker like Willy Wonka jealous with flavorful envy! With the following selections, we'll delve into some innovative candy bars that promise to redefine your chocolate experience. Get ready to treat yourself to an exquisite array of flavors that will make you rethink what a candy bar can truly be. So, let’s indulge our most exquisite cravings and jump right into the delectable world of artisanal and gourmet candy bars!

A Selection of Some of the Most Unique Chocolate Bars Available from Redstone Foods:

Hammond’s Pigs & Taters

Hammonds-Pigs-and-Taters-Milk-Chocolate-Bar-With-Potato-Chip-Bacon-Bits 41412H


First on our list is Hammond’s Pigs & Taters chocolate bar. This bar serves as a culinary masterpiece in and of itself! Featuring kosher bacon flavored bits (made from soy), mixed with potato chips and smooth milk chocolate, this bar is a harmonious dance of contrasting, yet complimentary sweet and salty flavors.

Your initial bite will introduce you to high quality milk chocolate, a familiar and comforting sensation that merely sets the stage for the unexpected. Just as you begin to savor the sweetness, a subtle hint of smoky bacon flavor emerges, followed by a crispy crunch of some salty potato chips that transforms the chocolate experience into something truly unique. This flavor combination might seem rather unconventional, but trust us, it is a match made in flavor heaven!

Chuao Chocolatier Totally Tangy Mango

Chuao-Chocolatier-Totally-Tangy-Mango 900370


Chuao Chocolatier's Totally Tangy Mango dark chocolate bar is a sensory journey that will take your taste buds on a tantalizing adventure through the vibrant flavors of sweet mango, tart lime, sea salt, and just a hint of pasilla chile seasoning. As you unwrap this candy bar, the aroma alone is the first thing that will capture your attention.

With the first bite, you’ll be treated to the tropical allure of a ripe mango, coupled with the tart hint of lime, this will make your taste buds tango with zesty delight! And just when you think you've unraveled the layers, a subtle kick of chili seasoning and sea salt makes their entrance, adding a touch of warmth and bitterness that elevates the entire tasting experience.

But Chuao is really known for its cocoa bean origins, using cocoa from the Chuao region of Venezuela. This means that their chocolate ingredients are always of the highest quality and sourced ethically, so you can enjoy their culinary creations with a clear conscience. The quality of the chocolate, and the flavorful nod to Latin street food really makes the Totally Tangy Mango bar a stand-out option on this list!

Moodibars Hangry: Dark Raspberry Jalapeño

Moodbars-Hangry-Dark-Raspberry-Jalapeno 105371


Another sweet and spicy confection on this list comes from Astor Chocolate. Their Moodibars Hangry Dark Raspberry Jalapeño is a flavor combination that is as close to perfection as you can get! This spicy sensation takes dark chocolate to new heights by infusing it with the sweet allure of raspberries and a bold kick of jalapeño.

As you unwrap this Moodibar, the rich aroma of dark chocolate teases your senses, promising an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The first bite reveals the velvety darkness of the chocolate, setting the stage for the sweet and spicy essence of raspberry jalapeño jelly in the center. These flavors add a burst of fruity, peppery delight that dances on your palate in a most peculiar way.

Moodibars Hangry is more than a chocolate bar, it's a mood-elevating experience. The name "Hangry" perfectly captures the blend of flavors that can turn your existential cravings into a culinary celebration. Whether you're seeking a thrilling chocolate escapade or a remedy for a serious case of hangry, this gourmet candy bar is ready to satisfy all your epicurean desires!

Lindt Excellence White Coconut Bar

Lindt-White-Chocolate-Coconut 438020


Of all the chocolate bar brands, Lindt stands as a timeless icon, a Swiss chocolatier with a legacy dating back to 1845. Through the years, they have perfected the art of crafting some of the finest chocolate products the world has ever savored. Among their masterpieces is the Lindt Excellence White Coconut bar, a testament to their ongoing commitment to achieving greatness.

As you unwrap this bar, the smooth and creamy white chocolate, (a hallmark of Lindt's expertise) greets you with an inviting sweetness. But that's only the beginning. The tropical notes of coconut quickly take center stage, perfectly caressed in some of the smoothest, creamiest white chocolate we’ve ever experienced. This Lindt chocolate bar melts in your mouth leaving you with the moment of luxury you’ve been craving!

C3 Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana

C3-Chocolate-Peanut-Butter-Banana 00835CC


The Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, (or C3 for short) is another expert at crafting fine chocolate bars that are extraordinary. Their Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana is yet another testament to the artistry of crafting a candy bar that transcends the ordinary!

In this creation, the milk chocolate is merely the canvas upon which this intricate flavor combination is presented with. The marriage of chocolate and peanut butter is a classic pairing, but C3 takes it one giant step further. The addition of crunchy banana chips introduces a sweet and fruity twist, creating a harmonious trinity of flavors and textures that dances vividly upon your taste buds.

Their made-from-scratch natural peanut butter truffle center, coupled with chocolate and banana has made this bar one of the best-sellers year after year in the C3 lineup. Each bite is a celebration of the perfect balance between sweet, nutty, and fruity elements. Whether you're a fan of classic combinations or seeking a new and exciting flavor adventure, this candy bar promises to be a delightful indulgence that will leave you craving more!

Go Max Go Major Candy Bar

Go-Max-Go-Major-Candy-Bar-Vegan-Gluten-Free-Plant-Based-Chocolate-English-Toffee-Bar 02132


Go Max Go’s Major Candy Bar is an exquisite vegan and gluten-free chocolate delight that redefines the boundaries of plant-based confections. This scrumptious creation is not just a candy bar, it's a celebration of flavor, compassion, and the art of crafting sweet treats without compromise.

When you unwrap the Major candy bar, the vegan chocolate exterior is just a precursor to the rich and crunchy English toffee that is hiding out in the center of this delicious, better-for-you treat. Like a golden nugget of sweetness, the toffee adds a crunchy and caramelized complexity to the chocolatey canvas.

Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle, have gluten sensitivities, or you simply appreciate delectable chocolate, this candy bar invites you to enjoy a guilt-free escape into the world of cruelty-free, plant-based decadence. Get ready to savor the Major Candy Bar, (or any from the Go Max Go lineup) as they are an embodiment of the belief that everyone deserves a little sweetness in their life!

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