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It's Chocolate Season - Here's Some Featured Chocolates!



At Redstone Foods, our world often seems to revolve around chocolate, and we think it’s incredible! We get to share our love for chocolate with the entire world every single day of the year. Our warehouse ships out a wide variety of popular chocolate brands to stores all around the globe. To think about the people in thousands of locations across the world, enjoying chocolate candies that we introduced to their market puts a huge smile on all of our faces. I mean, we all know how much everyone loves chocolate!

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies” – John Q. Tullius

Yet, not all chocolates are created equal. While we simply cannot think of one chocolate treat that we’ve encountered that we don’t like, we can surely think of a few that really stood out among the crowd. We’ve been selling chocolate since 1966. With a current selection of over 600 different chocolate products, it may seem a little overwhelming for someone who is trying to pick out their favorite.


But never fear, we’ve pooled-together our decades of expertise and come up with some high quality, featured chocolates that we know your customers will absolutely love! From everyone’s favorite chocolate bar, to some exquisite, gourmet chocolate truffles, this list should have a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

Some of the best chocolate candies for 2021

Godiva Masterpieces – Milk Chocolate Bliss


Godiva makes some mighty fine chocolates! The Godiva Masterpieces are a collection of fine Belgian chocolates that truly live up to their name. The Milk Chocolate bliss is a smooth milk chocolate ganache that has a hint of caramel, encased in a creamy milk chocolate shell. The rich filling really melts in your mouth. These are individually wrapped, so they are easy to enjoy anytime. You have to try them! Order these here.

Ferrero Rocher


No list of the finest chocolates in the world would be complete without a mention of Ferrero Rocher. As a gift, these chocolate-encased hazelnuts will make any occasion special. Ferrero Rocher chocolates are a divine treat that people enjoy all over the world. The signature gold foil wrapper signifies how exquisite these treats really are. If you can resist the temptation to keep them all to yourself, they will make great gifts! As one of life’s golden pleasures, these 12-piece gift boxes are available for immediate shipping here.

Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles


Another must-have item on any list of the world’s finest chocolates is Lindor Chocolate Truffles. Over a century ago, the LINDT Maîtres Choclatiers revolutionized the chocolate making industry by inventing the process known as ‘conching’ – an intense mixing of heated liquid chocolate that creates a silky smooth texture.

These are some of the softest, smoothest chocolates on our list! And, just like everyone else, it seems that we can never decide which one we like better! If you’re like us, you can order a mix of the assorted Lindt’s Lindor chocolate truffles here.

Milka White Chocolate Bar


Well, it’s about time we mentioned some white chocolate on our list! If you’re looking for a popular chocolate bar with an unparalleled silky smooth, buttery texture, look no further than German chocolatier Milka’s Weisse Schokolade! (That’s German for ‘white chocolate’). Milka has been creating world-class chocolates made with alpine milk since 1901. The quality behind their products really shows with this one. Order their white chocolate candy bars here.

Lammes Candies Texas Longhorns


The signature product of Lammes Candies are called Longhorns. These use real Texas pecans, that are clustered together with chewy caramel, then smothered in silky milk chocolate, to create a taste as big as the Lone Star State! Lammes Candies is a family-owned, Austin, Texas candy company that has been selling chocolate for five generations. You can order the amazing Texas Longhorns here.

Chocolove Almonds, Toffee & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate


Chocolove is a company based out of Boulder, Colorado that has a true passion for making great chocolate. Their products are certified non GMO and all of their ingredients can be traced directly back to the farmer. This popular chocolate bar combines premium Belgian dark chocolate with almonds, toffee pieces and sea salt crystals for just the right amount of crunch. Order these delectable chocolate bars here.

Divine Seriously Smooth Milk Chocolate


Divine chocolate is a British purveyor of Fairtrade chocolate. This means the company is dedicated to end exploitation in the cocoa industry by creating an economy where farmers can truly thrive. The company is partially-owned by a cooperative of 100,000 farmers from Ghana who grow the cocoa used in their products, which is an industry first. Their commitment to quality really shines through with the Seriously Smooth Milk Chocolate bar. Made with the finest quality cocoa, cocoa butter and real vanilla this makes for a distinguished flavor, sure to be cherished by all. Order these here.

Hammond’s Chicken & Waffles


Perhaps the most unique item on our list of our favorite featured chocolates is Hammond’s Chicken & Waffles milk chocolate with maple syrup. We guarantee this chocolate bar is unlike anything you’ve ever had before. They are great to savor by yourself, or share with your more “adventurous” friends. It will certainly strike up an interesting conversation or two. These also make for a fun, unique gift that is sure to be remembered. Order yours here.

Chuao Oh My S’mores!


This delicious treat will bring up some of your favorite campfire memories with fluffy marshmallows and crushed honey graham crackers in creamy milk chocolate. We promise just one bite and you’ll want s’more! You can order these here.

Sweet’s Candy Company Orange Sticks


An American favorite since 1945, the Sweet’s Candy Company Orange Sticks are the classic, milk chocolate-covered orange jelly sticks you knew and loved as a kid! These are the perfect gift to make any occasion an extra special one! These chocolate candies make a great addition to gift baskets and they are certain to impress your guests as an hors d’oeuvre for dinner parties. Order these fine treats here.

C3 Chocolate Bar Milk Waffle Cone Caramel


Last, but not least on our list of featured chocolates is Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company’s signature waffle cone caramel bar. This is decadent, 34% cocoa milk chocolate, infused with oh, so soft vanilla caramel and crunchy waffle cone chunks. It’s like having a small slice of heaven as it melts in your mouth! This incredibly popular chocolate bar can be purchased here.

If you’re looking to expand your product selections with any of these best-selling chocolate candies, Redstone Foods is always here to help you! Our dedicated team of account representatives can help guide you through the ordering process for a smooth, hassle-free transaction. We can even help by making more suggestions based on your store’s unique customer base. For more information, please give us a call right away! It would be our pleasure to serve you.