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Oversized & Giant Candy Bars Make Fun Gifts!


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What could possibly make a candy bar even better than it already is? Well, for starters, you can make it ridiculously huge, and way bigger than anyone could have ever possibly imagined! Giant candy bars do exist and so do a lot of other fan favorite candies, including a giant candy cane, gummy candies, Pixy Stix, PEZ dispensers, Hershey’s Kisses, milk chocolate bars and more!

One great thing about huge candy bars is that it’s downright hilarious to give them as a gift to your friend, co-worker or family member. Wrap up a whopping five pound gummy bear and you’re sure to get a hefty laugh from everyone in attendance at the gift exchange.

We all know someone in our lives who is a huge candy fan! So what better gift to give them than some form of huge novelty candy? We cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t have fun with this, so here are some of our favorite giant candy bars and huge novelty candies!

Giant candy bars for the win!

Don’t believe them when they say “less is more”. In the world of candy, more is more and these giant packages of candy are fun for all ages. No one will forget the gift you gave when you pick up any of these huge candy bars! So forget about King Size, and take a look at these absolutely ginormous candy products. All items are available to buy wholesale from our massive inventory of candy, snacks and glass bottle craft sodas.

Kellogg’s Giant Rice Krispies Treats

Kelloggs-Giant-Rice-Krispies-Treats 26532


Look out because this block of marshmallow and breakfast cereal goodness is 12 inches by 15 inches of gooey fun! This is the equivalent of making an entire pan of Rice Krispies Treats, without having any of the sticky mess to clean up in your kitchen afterwards.

The Giant Rice Krispies Treats can be broken up into smaller pieces to share with others, but we promise not to tell anyone if you eat the whole thing all by yourself!

Giant Hershey’s Kisses

Giant-Hersheys-Milk-Chocolate-Kisses 02536


This giant hunk of real milk chocolate is a fantastic and fun way to show someone how much you really want to kiss them! The Giant Hershey’s Kisses is 7 ounces of solid chocolatey bliss, just like you remember from your childhood Valentine’s Day candy collection. Only this one is way bigger! Show someone you love them this season, in the best possible way; with chocolate!

Smarties Mega Super Tube

Smarties-Giant-Mega-Super-Tube 20049


This Mega Super Tube of Smarties is mega super huge! Standing at 2 feet tall, these are the most Smarties you’ll ever see in one place! Containing approximately 110 rolls of Smarties candy, this tube will be a hit at any holiday party.

It’s worth noting that the packaging is totally worth holding onto after the candy is gone. It can be turned into a huge piggy bank, used as a giant candy colored missile in your playroom, or you can even hold the empty tube to your face and scream into the void if you’re sad that you ran out of candy. Talk about versatility!

Tootsie Roll Mega Super Tube

Tootsie-Roll-Mega-Super-Tube 20032


Also available in Tootsie Roll, this mega super tube is packed to the brim with everyone’s favorite classic chocolate flavored taffy. Tootsie Roll was the first candy to come individually wrapped all the way back in 1896. Each Mega Super Tube comes with approximately 90 pieces and the lid has a coin slot, so you can turn it into a piggy bank when you’re done! Talk about a sweet way to save some coin!

Warheads Mega Super Tube

Giant-Warheads-Mega-Super-Tube 20018W


The Warheads Mega Super Tube is the perfect, funny gift for the sour candy fanatic in your life! These extremely sour candies will have you puckering up in no time, and there will be plenty to share with family and friends. Each tube contains approximately 90 pieces of individually wrapped warheads candy, in an assortment of 5 different flavors. The flavors include blue raspberry, watermelon, black cherry, apple and lemon.

World’s Biggest Sour Candy Necklace

Worlds-Biggest-Sour-Candy-Necklace 38600K


This candy is super fun because you can wear it as jewelry, eat it as a sweet treat, or better yet, do both! The World’s Biggest Sour Candy Necklace comes in a 24 pack box and the necklaces are nearly 2 feet tall. No one will forget that you got someone a jumbo candy necklace as a gift this year!

Peeps Marshmallow Giant Bunny

Peeps-Marshmallow-Giant-Bunny 59085

Our friends at Just Born Inc. have holiday candy down to a science. The Peeps Marshmallow Giant Bunny is one big bunny that’s as cute as anything you’d expect from the delicious world of marshmallow Peeps.

It’s wearing a bow tie and holding a carrot. Really, how cute could you possibly get? This is the perfect Easter candy for any marshmallow enthusiast on your gift list!

Pixy Stix Giant Display-Ready Case

Pixy-Stix-Giant-Floor-Display 63883

Pixy Stix are a memorable part of people’s childhoods. Each candy straw is packed with a sweet and tart powder that’s put smiles on people’s faces for generations. The Pixy Stix Giant DRC is packed with 85 sticks that stand over 15 inches tall! Each case is packed with 4 exciting flavors: grape, Maui punch, cherry and orange.

Hershey’s Symphony Giant Milk Chocolate Bar

Hersheys-Symphony-Extra-Creamy-Giant-Milk-Chocolate-Bar 19725H


This is one of the largest milk chocolate bars we have available on our website. The Hershey’s Giant Symphony Milk Chocolate Bar contains 25 pieces of extra creamy, smooth chocolatey bliss! This is a great gift idea for any “chocoholic” on your list this year!

Sconza Jawbreakers Mega Bruiser

Sconza-Jawbreaker-Mega-Bruiser-Giant 01270

This giant candy ball is one full pound of jawbreaker sweetness! Only for the true candy fan in your life, this jawbreaker may well take a single person up to a full year to finish!

In fact, each Sconza Mega Bruiser Jawbreaker takes a full six weeks to create. They start with a small piece of candy in the center, adding layer after layer of colorful and flavorful candy! Since this process produces heat, they have to wait in between layers to let it cool down. Seriously, any kid with this in their backpack will be the talk of the playground. So, that makes this the gift that will surely keep on giving!

Giant Pez Dispenser – Spider-Man

Giant-Pez-Dispenser-Spiderman-Marvel-Comics 001810

Marvel’s #1 star is here, to make kids of all ages happy! The Spider-Man Giant Pez Dispenser is a great gift for any fan of the Marvel Comics series. These giant toys dispense entire packages of Pez candy, (regular sized dispensers only give out a single piece of Pez).

Celebrate the Amazing Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary with this novelty Pez gift box. It’s beyond amazing!

GGB Giant Gummy Bear

GGB-Worlds-Largest-Gummy-Bear-5lbs 10003


GGB literally stands for Giant Gummy Bears, so if you’re looking for one the largest gummy candies out there, look no further. This cherry-flavored gummy bear weighs a whopping 5 pounds and will certainly have everyone getting jealous of their “normal-sized” gifts. This bear is really big, standing at 9 ½ inches tall, 4 ½ inches wide and 3 inches deep and makes up the equivalent of 1,000 regular gummy bears! We are certain that this is the giant gummy you’ve been looking for!

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