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Candy & Craft Sodas: A Perfect Pairing at Holiday Parties!


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As anticipation for the holiday season builds worldwide, parties are being meticulously planned, people are creating fanfare and libations for their family dinner gatherings and preparing the most festive food and drinks for their guests. New Year’s party bands and DJs are assembling their costumes and rolling out their most compelling, danceable playlists for a celebration that is worth remembering. Amidst the myriad of elements that contribute to the perfect party ambiance, there are two standouts that can really elevate the festivities to new heights: candy and craft sodas!

Candy has always had the magical ability to infuse joy into any occasion, whether there's a specific reason to celebrate or not—candy is unique in that it’s a reason for celebration all by itself! Candies are the sweet catalyst that can easily turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!

Another essential element of any festive gathering is an assortment of some delicious beverages. In today’s day and age, craft sodas, especially those that come in the charming glass bottles have emerged not only as a healthier alternative to traditional soda pops, but also as a satisfying substitute for alcoholic beverages.

In a world where people are becoming increasingly conscious of their beverage choices, the craft soda industry is making waves as a refreshing departure from conventional soft drinks. These small batch sodas are typically made with pure cane sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup. Many also contain all natural ingredients, like real fruit juice, instead of artificial flavors, preservatives, and unnatural coloring agents.

For this reason, the craft soda market is gaining a lot of popularity across the United States, captivating the taste buds of individuals seeking a delightful and non-alcoholic option for celebratory toasts. This comes in especially handy for a sizeable swath of the population, including: designated drivers, those who happen to be underage, and people who might be concerned about consuming alcohol.

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Just like other types of dietary restrictions you may need to cater to at your next gathering, offering sober-inclusive beverage options is becoming more and more important for event organizers, both big and small.

Since the craft soda industry is growing as an alternative to traditional soda brands, we think you should look into some of these products to offer your guests as a sweet and satisfying alternative to alcoholic beverages. Besides, a party with candy is never going to be boring!

Just picture your holiday soirée, brimming with excitement and anticipation with vibrant decorations as far as the eye can see, and the air filled with the laughter and joy of your loved ones. Amidst this festive scene, a table is filled with a brightly colored array of candy and snacks, inviting your attendees to indulge their sweet tooth, and let loose a little bit.

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Paired seamlessly with these sugary treats, is a bucket of ice filled with an assortment of different craft, specialty sodas just waiting to be opened and enjoyed. As the effervescent sparkle of these fizzy drinks invites a celebration, you will be setting the stage for an unforgettable experience!

Let’s take a look at some of the candy and craft soda pairings you could devise, that will certainly impress your guests, both young and old. If the holidays are a time to celebrate the bond you have with your family and friends, these pairings are the perfect way to seal the deal, all while impressing your guests in new ways they probably haven’t thought of before!

Electrify Your Party with These Candy and Craft Soda Pairings!

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds between your family and friends. Elevate your gatherings this year with an unexpected touch of sophistication by incorporating these thoughtfully curated candy and craft soda pairings. This will impress your guests in ways they may not have imagined, turning your celebratory moments into an unforgettable experience for the ages!

Root Beer & Black Licorice: A Bittersweet Symphony of Flavor!

Embrace the classic charm of root beer, perfectly complementing the rich herbal sweetness of black licorice. This timeless pairing harkens back to the bygone days of old-fashioned candy shops and soda fountains. This candy-soda combination also pairs perfectly well with barbeque dishes like pulled pork or savory ribs.

Here, we recommend pairing Boylan Bottle Company’s classic Root Beer with Wiley Wallaby soft and chewy classic black gourmet licorice. This sweet and savory flavor combination will be a big hit with your guests, and the flavors will perfectly compliment your festive holiday gatherings!

Boylan-Bottleworks-Root-Beer-Craft-Soda-Cane-Sugar 9010


Wiley-Wallaby-Black-Licorice-Soft-Chewy 120071


Cream Soda & Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels: A Creamy Indulgence!

With the luscious blend of creamy vanilla notes in cream soda harmonizing with the decadence of milk chocolate-covered pretzels, you simply can’t go wrong! Here, we recommend trying the Potion’s Cauldron Sugar Free Tears of a Wizard Cream Soda, with Redstone’s Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Pretzels! This pairing perfectly exudes elegance and indulgence and will give your guests a sweet, yet sugar-free option to enjoy at your party!

Potions-Cauldron-Sugarfree-Tears-of-a-Wizard-Cream-Soda 57496


Redstone-Sugar-Free-Milk-Chocolate-Pretzels 02464


Sour Black Cherry Soda & Sour Cherry Popping Candy: Explosive Fruity Bliss!

Delight your guests with a double sour, doubly cherrylicious experience as super sour black cherry soda meets the sweet and tingly allure of sour cherry popping candy. This rush of sour cherry goodness will be exploding all over your guest’s tongues like fireworks to create the most festive of celebrations! Simply offer the new Warheads Sour Black Cherry Soda with Kandy Ka-Boom’s Sour Cherry Popping Candy. This effervescent flavor combo is sure to kick any party into high gear!

Warheads-Sour-Black-Cherry-Soda-Pop-Can 24803


Kandy-Ka-Boom-Sour-Cherry-Popping-Candy 34643


Lemon Lime Soda & Sour Patch Kids: Zesty, Citrusy, Fizzy Deliciousness!

Spark the joy of your party goers with the zesty profile of lemon-lime soda dancing in symbiotic harmony with the citrusy tartness of Sour Patch Kids. This candy-soda combo will provide a vibrant burst of citrus for a refreshing taste sensation all around! May we suggest the crisp, refreshing lemon lime soda, Bubble Up by Orca Beverage. Pair this with Tropical Sour Patch Kids and your guests will be instantly transported to an island paradise at your next gathering!

Bubble-Up-Soda-Lemon-Lime-Orca-Beverage 2107


Sour-Patch-Kids-Tropical-Flavor-Peg-Bag 25700

Ginger Beer & Fruity Candy: A Sweet & Spicy Ginger Infusion!

The subtle heat of ginger beer is the perfect companion to the sweetness of fruity candies. Done just right, you can elevate your celebration with this effervescent and flavorful pairing! For this offering, we suggest Hank’s Ginger Beer with Starburst Airs Gummies. The subtle spice of Hank’s Genuine Caribbean Recipe Ginger Beer, with the light, soft and chewy Starburst Airs will awaken the senses of anyone brave enough to try it!

Hanks-Genuine-Ginger-Beer-Caribbean-Recipe 76089


Starburst-Airs-Gummies-Original-Fruity-Flavors 428301

Lemonade & Cotton Candy: Mocktail Magic!

Craft a refreshing mocktail with classic lemonade and cotton candy to garnish the top. This delightful alcohol-free option will bring a ray of sunshine to your party with every sip! This drink concoction is perfect for any kid’s party this holiday season.

We recommend Calypso Southern Peach Lemonade, with Cotton Candy Magic Floating Puff Balls by RL Albert & Sons. For a little extra pizazz, add some candy sprinkles, or decorating sugar to the rim of the glass and you’ll have the most brightly colored drinks this side of the galaxy at your next party!

Calypso-Southern-Peach-Lemonade-King-Juice 44403


Magic-Floating-Cotton-Candy-Puff-Balls 10415


We hope you enjoyed these carefully selected candy and craft soda pairings. They are intended to help your party go beyond the ordinary, creating an atmosphere of sophisticated, yet playful joy.

Whether you're hosting a family gathering for Christmas, a festive soirée for New Year’s Eve, or just inviting some friends over to catch up on old times, these candy-drink combinations are sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Elevate your festivities with these unique pairings as you help redefine the art of celebration!

Of course, we recommend that you mix and match these suggestions to favor your own personal preferences and tastes, and those of your guests. The real fun is to experiment and discover your own candy and soda pairings for a truly unique and enjoyable experience!

Hit us up on social media if you find something we didn’t mention here! You can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our LinkedIn page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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