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Pickle Flavored Candy: Sweet & Sour Delights!


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You might not expect something sweet like candy to pair well with something that has a sour flavor, like a pickle, but it actually works surprisingly well! The recent surge in popularity of pickles might make you think twice about underestimating their appeal as a flavor pairing, even with something as seemingly conflicting as candy. That’s right, pickle-flavored candy is a thing and its popularity only continues to grow!

While some of these products may be perceived as more of a “gag gift” many of them are actually quite appealing to anyone who loves pickles, and loves candy. Even if you’re not a pickle enthusiast yourself, odds are that someone you know and care about most certainly is. That is why these products are a great gift or stocking stuffer for that person in your life who simply cannot get enough pickle flavor on their taste buds.

But pickles certainly aren’t anything new. They’ve been used by human civilizations for thousands of years. Cleopatra is said to have eaten them to maintain her beauty. The food was even mentioned at least two times in the Bible (Numbers 11: 5 and Isaiah 1:8). The King himself, Elvis even loved pickles, though he preferred them to be deep-fried!

Whether you like homemade pickles with dill and garlic cloves, pickle juice, refrigerator pickles, pickle pizza or even if you fancy something as sweet as Kool-Aid pickles, or pickle cotton candy, it turns out that you’re in luck! The pickle renaissance has clearly sprung upon us in recent years. While these green colored healthy snacks have remained popular for millennia, it seems like we’ve officially reached “peak pickle” in terms of their popularity and abundance.

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There’s no better way to illustrate this modern pickle trend than with the influx of pickle flavored candy products that are sure to amass the interest of a loyal following of diverse pickle buffs.

If you’re reading this blog, odds are you must be at least a little interested in candy that’s both sweet and sour. Certainly the massive success of sweet and sour candy, like Sour Patch Kids means that these treats will potentially be a big hit with your candy store’s customers. These products will leave very little doubt in your mind: pickles are “a thing” right now!

Check out some of our favorite candy items with a unique pickle taste!

Taffy Town Pickle-Flavored Taffy

Taffy-Town-Pickle-Flavored-Taffy-Bulk 0615


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to chew on a pickle-flavored candy, wonder no more, because Taffy Town has created the ultimate “dill-icious” treat with their dill pickle flavored taffy!

With its bright green color and tangy dill pickle taste, this taffy will have your taste buds dancing with joy. It really is the perfect snack for anyone who loves pickles but wants to satisfy their sweet tooth at the same time. So, pucker up and get ready to enjoy a unique flavor experience with Taffy Town's Pickle Flavored Taffy, available in wholesale bulk quantities from our website!

Melville Sour Pickle Lollipops

Melville-Sour-Pickle-Lollipops 11658


Melville Sour Pickle Lollipops are one of the most unique and “pickleriffic” products on this list! Packing a tangy twist on a candy classic, these lollipops offer a punch of sour pickle flavor in every lick!

The bright green color of the lollipop will immediately catch the eyes of your customers. Take just one lick and the sour and salty taste of pickle hits your taste buds, but with a sweet surprise! It's a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess, and the combination of flavors is one that is truly unique.

The lollipops come in an eye-catching display, and are individually wrapped, which makes them a perfect snack for people on-the-go. They also make great gifts for parties, or they can be a unique, fun addition to your very own candy buffet. If you're a fan of pickles or even sour candy in general, you'll definitely want to give these pickle lollipops a try!

Alamo Candy Co. Sour Pickle Balls

Alamo-Candy-Co-Sour-Pickle-Balls 4210558


Yet another candy that's both sweet and sour, but with a pickle twist are Alamo Candy Co's Sour Pickle Balls! These little green balls of joy are deliciously seasoned with a sweet and sour kick that'll make your taste buds tingle with delight. Made in San Antonio, Texas, they're the perfect treat for anyone who loves the unique taste of pickles, but also craves something sweet.

Plus, the convenient resealable bag makes it easy to take these tangy candy balls with you on the go. Whether you're snacking at work, on a road trip, or just need a quick pick-me-up, these sour pickle balls are sure to hit the spot. So pucker up, and get ready for a one-of-a-kind flavor experience with Alamo Candy Co's Sour Pickle Balls!

Alamo Candy Sour Pickle Powder

Alamo-Candy-Sour-Pickle-Powder 730742


Another great entry from Alamo Candy Co is their Sour Pickle Powder! Great by itself, or as a fun, unique addition to popcorn, French fries, potato chips, fruit juice or even your favorite beer, Alamo Candy Sour Pickle Powder adds a sour pickle punch to just about anything you could possibly imagine!

Much of the sour flavor is provided by simple ingredients: iodized salt, sugar, citric acid, chili powder and a hint of natural cucumber powder. This product allows you to enjoy a strong pickle flavor, even when you’ve run out of pickles. So, go ahead and avoid your next trip to the grocery store. Alamo Candy Sour Pickle Powder will surely satisfy all of your pickle cravings!

GGB Giant Gummy Pickle

GGB-of-Raleigh-Giant-Gummy-Pickle 4500G


Known for their giant gummy bears, GGB of Raleigh has really created something special that will make every pickle lover rejoice! The Giant Gummy Pickle comes in a blister pack that protects this smooth, squishy green gummy pickle, all while showcasing its distinct pickle shape.

The gummy candy is soft and chewy, and has a sweet and tangy flavor that mimics the taste of a dill pickle. It's a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, and the taste is actually surprisingly similar to a real pickle.

It is without a doubt a fun and enjoyable treat to chew on. Plus, the giant size of the candy is sure to make it a conversation starter and it will be a huge hit at any social gathering. If you're a fan of pickles or giant gummy candy, you'll definitely want to give this one a try!

Lester’s Fixins Pickle Juice Soda

Lesters-Fixins-Pickle-Juice-Soda 731R


Pickle candy and now there’s pickle juice soda? What will they think of next? Lester’s Fixin’s Pickle Juice Soda is very sour and salty, just like your favorite pickle, but with a refreshingly sweet aftertaste.

This glass bottle craft soda makes for a great mixer for cocktails, or you can enjoy it by itself for a unique novelty beverage! It's the perfect drink for those who love pickles, adventure, or just want to try something new. So, grab a bottle, (if you dare) and get ready for a wild ride of flavor!

CSB Pickle Cotton Candy

Chocolate-Storybook-CSB-Pickle-Cotton-Candy CC67


We mentioned earlier that pickle-flavored cotton candy exists and we were not kidding! Chocolate Storybook is known for specializing in unique and unusual flavors of cotton candy. Their Pickle-Flavored Cotton Candy is certainly one of their most famous flavors, and they now even offer a Spicy Pickle Cotton Candy flavor as well!

In addition to pickle, Chocolate Storybook also makes cotton candy in a variety of other flavors, including maple bacon, root beer float, strawberry cheesecake, and even jalapeno! These unique flavors have earned them a lot of attention and popularity in the confectionary industry, and they continue to come up with new and unusual combinations to surprise and delight their customers.

With all of these unique pickle candy products, there’s most likely something that will satisfy even the most discerning of pickle enthusiasts out there! We also have a huge selection of real pickles too!

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