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Wedding Candy That Will Make Your Special Day Even Sweeter!


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The weather is getting warmer and love will soon be in the air! Wedding season hits its peak during late spring, all the way through summer and into early fall. Your wedding day is the best time to celebrate the sweet joy of love with your closest friends and family. One great way to make your special day even sweeter is by sharing an assortment of wedding candy with your guests!

Wedding favors, such as candy, are not only a great way to help decorate your wedding venue, these candies can also offer your guests something sweet to cherish all the memories you’re about to create. These party favors can serve as a thank you token for your guests and sometimes as a tangible piece of collectible memorabilia for your most special occasion.

One thing you might not know is that candy can also conjure up a lot of meaning and historical symbolism as you exchange nuptials with your life partner. Wedding favors might seem like a new phenomenon, but many of these traditions have actually been developed over multiple centuries.

One early tradition was for the bride and groom to give out sugar cubes as a party favor for their wedding guests. These were considered to be a symbol of fertility and wealth, as only aristocratic families could typically afford something as fancy as sugar!

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Some of the earliest wedding favors were called “bonbonnieres” that were developed in various European cultures. These were simple novelty gifts that were given to wedding guests, much as they are to this day.

Bonbonnieres have been around for centuries, and their history is quite sweet.

Legend has it that the tradition of giving guests sugared almonds, which later became known as bonbonnieres, began in ancient Greece. At weddings, they would give out five almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and the promise of living a long life.

But it wasn't until the Renaissance that bonbonnieres really took off. In Italy, they became known as "confetti" and were given out at all sorts of different celebrations. The French soon adopted the tradition, where it became customary to give guests small boxes filled with sugar-coated almonds.

The deeper meaning behind the candy-coated nuts was to represent sweetness above bitterness. The sometimes bitter flavor of a fresh almond represents the bitterness that can come with life’s seemingly never ending challenges. The candy coating around the almond was meant to symbolize the sweetness of your love for your spouse, and to place that far above anything else that may come your way.

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Also, the egg-shape of the almond represented fertility and these Jordan almonds were meant to be a symbol of good luck for the new family. Some would also consider almonds an aphrodisiac, so they can certainly be seen as the perfect treat for any wedding day!

As these traditions spread throughout Europe, different countries would put their own spin on the symbolism. In England, for example, it was quite common to give out bonbonnieres filled with sugar-coated seeds or nuts, known as comfits. And in Germany, they would give out little boxes filled with an assortment of chocolate candy.

Today, bonbonnieres are still a popular tradition at weddings, christenings, and other special events. While the sugar-coated almonds of ancient Greece have given way to all sorts of sweet treats, the sentiment remains the same: to thank guests for sharing in your special day and to wish them health, happiness, and overall good fortune.

From the moment they pop the big question, to the bridal shower, bachelorette party, all the way up until you say “I do” on the big day, many of the most cherished moments are surrounded by some delicious and memorable food.

Everyone wants their special day to be perfect and serving the right types of food, at the right time is absolutely essential. From the main course, to appetizers and even snacks throughout your wedding day, food can leave a lasting impression to all who are in attendance.

One thing you may want to consider for your special day is a candy buffet. Your guests will be thrilled with an assortment of sweet treats as they participate in all the revelry that comes with your wedding celebration.

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A candy bar, or buffet is like a sweet oasis in the midst of a wedding desert - a place where guests can indulge in sugary treats and satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. If your love is sweet, then a candy buffet is the emblematic cherry on top of the wedding cake! Candy is a fun and interactive way to add a touch of playfulness and color to your reception while also treating your guests to some incredibly delicious sweets.

Included in this assortment of sweets can be Jordan almonds, fancy chocolate bars and truffles, cotton candy, gummy bears, mints, yogurt-dipped pretzels, rock candy, or just about anything you could possibly imagine!

One sweet trick is to get custom candy made just for your special day. You can even order special color themed M&M’s, jelly beans, or even custom Hershey’s Kisses wrapped in your wedding color motif.

Here are a few ideas for wedding candy that can make your big day the sweetest ever!

Sconza Jordan Almonds

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As we mentioned earlier, Jordan almonds are a deeply-embedded wedding tradition that is full of meaning. With their crunchy, colorful exterior each bite is like a little celebration in your mouth! They are the perfect sweet snack for people on-the-go, anytime throughout your wedding day festivities.

Sconza Jordan Almonds are available in stand-alone pouches, or in bulk quantities on our website. They come in assorted pastel colors, or you can even get them in all-white, which is a very popular option for many wedding celebrations.

Sweet Shop USA Wedding Cake Truffles

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Fancy chocolate truffles are a delectable treat to offer to your wedding guests! Wedding cakes can surprisingly be one of the more expensive parts of your entire wedding celebration. If you didn’t order enough cake, or you just want to make sure you have a fun, bite-sized way for people to satisfy their sweet tooth, Sweet Shop USA’s Wedding Cake Truffles are certainly a must-have.

These are made with a rich, creamy white chocolate ganache center that is intricately infused with the flavors of vanilla and almond, giving them a taste reminiscent of a classic wedding cake. Each truffle is then covered in a smooth and velvety white chocolate coating, creating both a beautiful, and elegant appearance.

Cotton Candy Magic Floating Puff Balls

R-L-Albert-&-Sons-Cotton-Candy-Magic-Floating-Puff-Balls 10415


These brightly-colored floating cotton candy balls are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your wedding day. Great for your guest’s drink décor, RL Albert & Sons Cotton Candy Magic Floating Puff Balls are sure to be a huge hit for kids, and kids of all ages!

These floating puff balls are like a dreamy cloud of cotton candy that magically floats on top of cold drinks without dissolving. It’s just like magic! These come in fun, fruity flavors that are sure to positively compliment your guest’s beverages in a fun and unique way!

Roses Confections Crystal Sticks

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Rock candy is a big hit at any modern wedding. Roses Confections Crystal Sticks come individually-wrapped and will be a great addition to your wedding ceremony. They can be used as drink stirrers, an escort card, or even as a unique thank you gift. Just attach a sticker, or note card with the message of your special day. These crystal rock candy formations will offer a pretty, visually appealing addition to all of your wedding decorations!

We hope we have given you some good ideas for wedding candy that will make your special day even sweeter! At Redstone Foods, we pride ourselves in offering the best assortment of fine confections, candy, chocolates, snacks and even glass bottle craft sodas.

Our current inventory consists of over 6,000 unique selections that are sure to offer your customers exactly what they are looking for! Sign up for an account with us online, or give us a call to find out why Redstone Foods is your one-stop shop for all your candy, snack and soda needs!