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Pickles, Nuts & Pork Rinds: Low-Carb Snacking Made Easy



Many diet fads come and go, but the low carb diet seems like it will be sticking around for a while. Popular healthy eating trends, like the keto diet offer a way for people to cut carbs which can help them lose weight, and potentially prevent other serious health issues like diabetes, and certain types of cardiovascular disease. For this reason, many consumers are seeking out convenient, low carb snacks that also offer a good source of protein.

As health-conscious consumers continue to prioritize low-carb options in their snacking preferences, the market has responded with a bunch of innovative and delicious alternatives to traditional carb-heavy snacks. From crispy pickles, to savory nuts, hearty beef jerky, or light and crunchy pork rinds, the options for satisfying your case of the munchies with low carb, and keto-friendly snack options is virtually endless!

At Redstone Foods, we have an extensive selection of some of the most popular low carb snacks available today. Whether you’re following a specific diet plan, or just looking to lower your carb count, these guilt-free snacks are here to help you make better choices when the next snack craving hits. With a variety of nutritional benefits and multiple flavor profiles, these snacks are sure to excite your taste buds, all without derailing your health and wellness goals.

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Pickles Pack a Hunger-Busting Punch!

Who says healthy snacking has to be boring? Pickles, with their crisp texture and tangy taste are the perfect low-carb snack to satisfy your cravings, while adding a burst of exciting flavor to your day! These treats are packed with an impressive array of essential nutrients, like potassium, vitamin K, and antioxidants, all while being a good source of fiber, which helps your stomach feel full.

Pickles are made from cucumbers, which are technically, botanically a fruit since they have seeds inside of them, so when your dieting guide says eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, you’ve got a winner when you choose to snack on a pickle! With the addition of being naturally gluten free, makes pickles the perfect low-carb, health-conscious snack.

Redstone Foods has a wide variety of different types of pickles, from classic dill pickles, to ultra-popular chamoy pickles, to candied pickles flavored with Sour Warheads Candy, and even blazing hot and spicy pickles. With all these options, we’ve got all of your snack cravings covered in the pickle realm! Take a look at just a few of our many options:

Van Holten Big Papa Dill Pickle in a Pouch

Van-Holten-Big-Papa-Dill-Pickle 1012D


This giant dill pickle is as big as it gets! Big Papa has big dill flavor and is about as perfect as a pickle can get! With zero grams of carbs, and zero fat, this is the perfect snack to keep you on track with your diet goals, without losing any of the flavor you crave from a big dill pickle. Big Papa is the perfect companion for picnics, backyard barbeques, packed lunches, or a trip to the movie theater.

Alamo Candy Big Tex Cherry Flavored Dill Pickle

Alamo-Candy-Big-Tex-Cherry-Flavored-Dill-Pickle 104154


Alamo Candy brings the big taste of Texas to every bite with their Big Tex Cherry Flavored Dill Pickle! This is not only the perfect addition to your chamoy pickle kits, it is a bold adventure all on its own, especially if you’re into bold and exciting new flavor combinations! This cherry-flavored pickle is the perfect combination of fruity, tangy, sweet, and salty!

Parga Blazing Fire Dill Pickle

Parga-Blazing-Fire-Dill-Pickle-Chamoy 184884


Parga takes their chamoy pickles to a whole new level of heat with this Blazing Fire dill pickle! They take an all-American delicious pickled cucumber and combine it with their signature blend of Mexican spices and chamoy for a spicy treat that will send your taste buds off into a whole new dimension of blazing hot fire!

Nuts and Seeds Are Nature’s Perfect Protein Powerhouse!

When it comes to convenient, nutrient-dense snacking, there are very few options that can rival the humble nut. Whether you prefer almonds, walnuts, cashews, or pistachios, nuts are a bite sized powerhouse of protein, healthy fats, and essential vitamins and minerals. Not only do they provide a satisfying crunch, but they also offer a satiating combination of protein and fiber to keep you feeling full and satisfied in between meals.

Nuts are also rich in heart-healthy unsaturated fats, making them an ideal choice for those looking to support their cardiovascular health. With a wide variety of flavors and textures to choose from, nuts offer the ultimate low-carb snacking option for any occasion!

Redstone Foods has been expanding our inventory of snacks with almonds, peanuts, cashews, and sunflower seeds that can help you match your customer’s desires for nutrient-dense, low carb snack packs. All of these products are perfect for satisfying a hunger craving when you’re on-the-go!

Blue Diamond Almonds

Blue-Diamond-Elote-Mexican-Style-Street-Corn-Bold-Almonds 148942


Blue Diamond Almonds have been creating exciting new products from almonds for over 100 years. As a cooperative of over 3,000 growers, they have been pioneering how almonds have been enjoyed for countless generations. Almonds have long been heralded as a good source of plant-based protein, and they are an excellent source of antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium. They are also low in saturated fat and cholesterol, which makes them an excellent snack that may even help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Almonds are also low in net carbs and high in healthy fats, so these fit in nicely with a ketogenic diet. We carry various flavor options for you to choose from: Smokehouse, Chile ‘N Lime, Wasabi & Soy Sauce, or Spicy Dill Pickle. But my favorite is the Elote Mexican Style Street Corn flavor which combines the sweet cream cheese, and spicy seasoning making for a truly memorable snacking experience. As you can see, Blue Diamond Almonds offer a deliciously satisfying snack that caters to diverse taste preferences and dietary needs!

Snak Club Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoned Almonds

Snak-Club-Hidden-Valley-Ranch-Seasoned-Almonds 1721706


With the savory crunch of Snak Club Hidden Valley Ranch seasoned almonds, you’re sure to satisfy all your salty snack cravings, while remaining true to your dietary restrictions! Bursting with the zesty flavor of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning, these almonds are a deliciously satisfying snack option. With just 7g of carbs per serving and no added sugar, they're perfect for those seeking a low-carb, guilt-free treat.

David Original Sunflower Seeds

David-Original-Sunflower-Seeds 772343


David Original Sunflower Seeds are a timeless snack that is roasted and salted to perfection. These convenient peg bags are perfect for minding your portion control and you can take them with you anywhere you want to go. They are the quintessential road trip snack, and with just 2g of net carbs and rich vitamin E content, David Original Sunflower Seeds are a great keto-friendly option for mindful snacking!

Crispy Pork Rinds: The Ultimate Keto Crunch Experience!

Pork rinds are a new addition to the Redstone Foods lineup! For anyone following a low carb diet, like Atkins, Paleo, or Keto, pork rinds are a savory and satisfying snack option that delivers big flavor, without all the added carbohydrates. Made from fried or roasted pork skin, these light, and airy treats are sure to satisfy your crunch cravings with ease!

With zero carbs and a high protein content, pork rinds are a great keto-friendly alternative to potato chips or crackers. At Redstone Foods, we have a variety of satisfying flavors from Pork King Good, and 4505 Chicharrones that your customers are sure to love!

4505 Chicharrones Pork Rinds

4505-Chicharrones-Fried-Pork-Rinds-Classic-Chili-and-Salt 90281


4505 Chicharrones began back in 2009 when a California chef and butcher started frying up pork rinds in his home kitchen and selling them around local bars for some extra cash. They were so good, that word quickly spread about these “crispy clouds of porkaliciousness”. Now these irresistible treats are available everywhere to satisfy your snack cravings, all without weighing you down.

From the zesty kick of their Tajin Chile Limon to the smoky sweetness of their BBQ flavor, each bite offers a savory sensation that satisfies even the most intense snack cravings. They also offer the delectably cheesy heat of Jalapeño Cheddar, or you can savor in the simplicity of Sea Salt, while their Classic Chili & Salt brings a traditional yet irresistible taste to the table. With 4505 Chicharrones, every bite is a perfectly seasoned, crispy delight that has been packed with quality flavor and texture that is sure to be a big hit with your customers!

Pork King Good Pork Rinds

Pork-King-Good-Salted-Butter-Pork-Rinds 1204PK


Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pork King Good has been filling the need for low-carb, high-protein snacks since 2018. All of their products boast clean labels, with no artificial ingredients whatsoever. A proudly woman-owned company, Pork King Good has expanded on a recipe that has been perfected over the course of 74 years, so you know they must be good!

Pork King Good pork rinds are available in a mouthwatering assortment of flavors. Enjoy the tangy zest of Dill Pickle or turn up the heat with the fiery kick of Stupid Hot. Their White Cheddar offers a creamy richness that can’t be beat, or you could just delight in the classically simple taste of their Salted Butter flavor. With Pork King Good, every bite offers a satisfying crunch and bold flavor that will keep your customers coming back for more!

These days, low-carb snacking has never been easier or more delicious thanks to the wide array of options available on the market today. From crunchy pickles to savory nuts and crispy pork rinds, there's something for virtually everyone to enjoy. So go ahead, indulge in these guilt-free snacks and feel good about nourishing your body with wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients. Your taste buds and your waistline will thank you!

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