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The Trend of Gummy Things: What Will They Think of Next?


The-Trend-of-Gummy-Things-What-Will-They-Think-of-Next 1984383452

The evolution of gummy candy has come a very long way since the invention of the gummy bear. Today, gummies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. One super exciting development that has come about in recent years is the trend of gummy things. From gummy sharks, gummy fighter jets, gummy burritos, and even gummy Kraft Mac and Cheese, the world of gummy candies can take on just about any shape imaginable!

Gummy candy has a long, varied history, from starch-based sweets, like Turkish Delights that originated roughly 250 years ago, to jelly “unclaimed babies” from the 1860’s; candy makers had long experimented with soft, yet firm chewy treats. It wasn’t until the early 20th century, with the introduction of Wine Gums that candy makers began to use gelatin in mass-produced confections.

While the fruity flavors of wine gums were a popular addition to the candy market, they never really took off in a major way. It wasn’t until the pioneering spirit of Hans Riegel of Bonn, Germany, that gummy candy truly made its mark. In the early 1920s, Riegel introduced the world's first gummy bear, a sweet icon that would soon capture the hearts of millions. He named his company Haribo, an acronym using the first two letters from Hans Riegel and Bonn.

Haribo-Gold-Bears-Original 30220


Since we’re fresh off the 100 year anniversary of Haribo gummy bears, we are now seemingly entering a golden age of gummy candy. Though the gummy bear wasn’t introduced in the United States until 1981, its popularity rapidly gained momentum. The product was so successful, that many gummy candy brands sprouted up across the sweet treats landscape. Gummy worms were introduced by another German company, Trolli in 1981 and the move helped fuel the further expansion of the gummy universe.

Since gelatin-based candy can be molded into virtually any shape, imaginations ran wild, and we’ve seen a lot of innovation continue to flourish in the gummy candy market. Much like the “Is It Cake?” craze that has taken the internet by storm in the 2020’s – where hyper-realistic cake makers turn everyday objects into sweet, delicious cake, gummy candy can also be molded into virtually any form imaginable!

So, come along with us on an adventure as we delve into the realm of creative gummy objects – a world where taste and appearance blend seamlessly, promising delightful surprises that are as delicious as they are deceptive.

Kraft Gummy Lunchables – Cracker Stackers

Kraft-Gummy-Lunchables-Cracker-Stackers-Frankford-Candy-LLC 11055K


First on the list are Frankford Candy LLC’s Gummy Lunchables. These boxes of gummy candy look exactly like a regular package of the Lunchables us 90’s kids had packed in our school lunch pails, but they’re even better, because they’re candy! Each pack comes with 4 gummy crackers, and 2 slices each of gummy pepperoni, gummy ham, gummy Swiss cheese, and gummy cheddar cheese. They also offer a Pepperoni Pizza Lunchables kit!

Oscar Meyer Gummy Bacon

Kraft-Oscar-Meyer-Gummy-Bacon 11303


Bacon, often considered a beloved part of the “most important meal of the day” has long been a cherished staple of breakfast tables worldwide. It is a culinary delight that many people enthusiastically embrace as an integral part of their morning ritual. Now, imagine the surprise and delight when you encounter Oscar Meyer Gummy Bacon, from Frankford Candy. This delightful confection might just leave you doing a double take, as it bears such an uncanny resemblance to the real thing.

From its packaging that mimics the look of genuine bacon to its convincingly brown hues and textures, this fruity-flavored gummy candy achieves a remarkable likeness to actual bacon. It's a funny and delicious twist on a breakfast classic, offering all the visual appeal of the real deal while delivering the sweet satisfaction of candy!

Kraft Gummy Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft-Gummy-Macaroni-and-Cheese 11062


This is surely one for the history books! If you’re ever feeling down, just realize that you are alive at the same time as Kraft Gummy Macaroni and Cheese – and what a time to be alive it is! These pasta-shaped gummies look just like a real box of mac and cheese, but with a surprising twist.

While it doesn't replicate the savory taste of your traditional cheesy pasta dish, it does provide a sweet fruity flavor experience that's as surprising as it is enjoyable. The visual resemblance to the iconic dish is striking, making it a fun and quirky treat to be enjoyed by kids of all ages!

eFrutti Gummi Sour Mini Burger

eFrutti-Gummi-Sour-Mini-Burger 513E


One really fun way to play with your food comes from eFrutti. Already well-known for making gummy versions of popular food items, like cupcakes, doughnuts, and tacos, eFrutti’s Gummi Sour Mini Burgers offer a sweet and sour take on one of the most popular dishes in American cuisine. These individually wrapped candy burgers are something kids will love, perhaps even more than the real thing. I mean, who are we kidding here… It’s candy, so kids are definitely going to love it!

Raindrops Gummy Candy Sushi Bento Box


We don’t know a lot of kids who love sushi, but we’re positive they’re going to love Raindrops Gummy Candy Sushi! Instead of the flavors of seaweed, wasabi, ginger, and raw fish, these fun gummi sushi candies feature fruity, marshmallow and licorice flavors, all while looking as close to the real thing as candy could possibly get!

This large bento box features all the staples from your favorite Japanese sushi restaurant: sour green apple edamame, licorice koikuchi, orange gummy nigiri, gummy California rolls, sour licorice maki, candy-coated gummy ikura, sour gummy uramaki, and mixed berry candy ebi. This could be a great introductory set for children to learn about the different types of Japanese cuisine!

Raindrops Gummy Pizza in Display Box

Raindrops-Gummy-Pizza-in-Display-Box 113008R


If sushi isn’t your thing, Raindrops also offers a Gummy Pizza in Display Box, featuring a medley of different gummy candy toppings that taste as great as they look! There is a virtual candy buffet in each box with offerings including: gummy fruits, licorice rope and even a gummy fried egg. Although we didn’t realize egg goes on a pizza, we are certainly not going to complain! You learn something new every day.

Although we might have a hard time choosing this gummy pizza over the real thing, if you’ve got a hankering for candy, and pizza at the same time, this one is sure to hit the spot! The novelty pizza box also makes this a great gift that people will remember long after the party is over. So, forget the boring gift cards, and get them a gummy pizza instead!

Gummy Fries with Strawberry Ketchup

Gummy-Fries-With-Strawberry-Ketchup-Doveli 02885


If you love perfectly cooked, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside French fries, then you are not alone. What could make that even better you may ask? How about creating a candy version of America’s favorite side item? That’s exactly what CC Enterprises did with their Gummy Fries with Strawberry Ketchup! This item offers the perfect balance between tangy and sweet, with fruity flavors bursting in every bite!

Ring Pop Gummies

Ring-Pop-Gummies-Rings 01161


Ring Pops have always been a popular treat, as a type of candy you can actually wear. Bazooka’s Ring Pop Gummies are a delightful and nostalgic twist on the classic Ring Pop candy. Each Ring Pop Gummy is designed to resemble the iconic shape of a gemstone or jewel, just like traditional Ring Pops.

However, instead of a hard candy "gem" and plastic ring, these gummies are soft and chewy, making them easy to wear, and easier to enjoy! They come in various vibrant colors and fruity flavors, offering a full spectrum of taste sensations that your customers are sure to love!

Vidal Gummi Teeth

Vidal-Gummi-Teeth-Bulk-Candy 1012634


Finally, for something truly weird to add to our list is Vidal’s Gummi Teeth. This is the perfect, albeit exceptionally strange addition to your bulk candy store! These gummi teeth look eerily like the real thing so you’re sure to have a lot of fun tricking your friends and family! Even better yet, these gummy teeth are not just about their looks – they offer a delicious strawberry flavor that makes them as enjoyable to eat as they are entertaining to behold.

As America’s favorite candy distributor, Redstone Foods is always looking for the best candy, snack and craft soda products that will help make your candy shop a smashing success! We take pride in curating an array of delightful and imaginative treats, including the most creative gummy objects that spark joy and wonder.

If you share our enthusiasm for all things sweet and whimsical, we invite you to sign up for an account with us today, or give us a call. As one of the nation’s largest candy wholesale distributors, we look forward to serving you!