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Redstone: Family Owned Candy Wholesaler Since 1966


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Celebrating 55 years in business this year, family-owned and operated Redstone Foods is a proud Texas tradition. Founded in 1966 by Herman Rothstein and his wife, Helen, the company's humble origins began with the entrepreneurial couple selling candy out of their car to their customers.

Four years later, as the fledgling company started to grow, the Rothsteins introduced their young son, Stan, to the family business. Spending his days surrounded by candy and working with his family, Stan immediately fell in love with the candy business. He eventually took over the company from his father and, subsequently, introduced his own sons into the world he’d grown up in.

Today, while Stan is still President and an active part of operations, his three sons Josh, Neal, and Daniel Rothstein are all Vice-Presidents and instrumental in the running of this multi-generational company. The family tradition expands beyond the children as Stan’s longtime wife, Marilyn, is a vital member of the team and has been working side by side with her husband for as long as she can remember. The team also includes two of their daughters-in-law as well.

From humble beginnings and a lot of dedication and hard work, Redstone Foods is now the largest candy distributor in the Southwest.

From these humble beginnings, armed with a dedication to hard work and focus on customer service, Redstone Foods has become the largest candy distributor in the Southwestern United States. The back of Herman’s car has given way to a 100,000 square foot warehouse and roughly 100 employees who consider Redstone Foods their second home.

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With a state of the art distribution center in Carrollton, Texas (a few miles outside of Dallas) the company can easily reach all over the US and overseas now selling soda & candy online.

Our customer’s success is the lifeblood of our business.

When you talk to the Rothsteins, you get the sense that they not only love what they do, but they truly love their customers and want to see them succeed. It’s this loyalty and commitment to customer service that is at the heart of Redstone Foods. Whether it’s a candy store, florist, gourmet food store, gift shop, soda retailer, large retail or c-store chain, or mom and pop shop, Redstone strives to provide the highest level of customer care and they ensure that their customer’s needs are met.

This core belief in taking care of their customer is evident in everything they do at Redstone. It’s in their desire to help design plan-o-grams for stores to obtain the highest velocity. It’s taking advantage of over 5 decades of knowledge to educate customers on buying patterns, demographics, new trends, and forecasts for seasonal changes.


At Redstone Foods, attention to detail is everything.

Redstone has wonderful, long-term relationships with vendors to ensure their shelves are fully stocked so their customers are never out of the product. It is the double and triple checking of orders, often shipping them out within 48 hours, and there are no cost and flat rate shipping programs as well.

Plus, at no cost to the customer, Redstone uses cold packs and insulated wrap, when necessary, to prevent melting or damage to customers' orders. It’s this attention to detail, long since absent from most national distributors, that separates Redstone Foods from other companies.

Another feather in the cowboy’s hat for this family-owned, pride of Texas is their unbelievable selection from today’s favorites to iconic, nostalgia items. They have everything you can imagine from Astro Pops to Zagnut Bars with over 6,000 other nostalgia and specialty candies alongside more than 500 different types of craft glass bottle sodas.

Not willing to rely solely on what was available to them, the Rothsteins saw what was missing in the market and brought new, innovative items to their customers. They were the first company to introduce specific brands of swiss chocolates, Almond Roca, and Haribo gummies to the southwest!

Redstone’s fantastic group of imported lollipops, along with hundreds of other specialty, premium chocolate available, is stored in a special room located at their Texas facility – which is kept in the cool 60s, year-round. This may just be the best chocolate storing facility in the nation.

Whatever candy you like, Redstone Foods delivers.


Most people have a favorite candy. Maybe it’s a candy bar that takes you on a nostalgic journey back to the innocent days of childhood summers. Or an ice-cold soda out of a glass bottle shared with friends. Whether it's licorice, taffy, suckers, chocolate bars, or other sweet, tantalizing treats, that first bite of eating a piece of candy is magical.

As candy lovers ourselves, we can attest to the delight in pairing a fizzy, great-tasting soda with a piece of melt-in-your-mouth candy. Heaven! Regardless of whatever brings about that special moment for you or your customers, you are sure to find it at Redstone Foods. After more than 50 years in the candy business with an unbeatable reputation and the highest level of customer service, once you become a customer, you’ll feel like part of the family.