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Freeze-Dried Candy: The Perfect On-The-Go Crunchy Treat!


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If you follow the latest trends in the candy industry like we do, odds are you’ve witnessed some fantastic innovations in sweets over the years. One of the absolutely strangest ones we’ve seen lately however is freeze-dried candy. Freeze-dried food has been around for well over a century, but it just got a whole lot better by introducing things like gummy worms, Skittles, chocolate mints, and even cookie dough bites into the mix!

Whoever thought of freeze-drying candy surely stumbled upon something great. Combining your favorite candies with a little bit of science has certainly made for a noteworthy new trend. These irresistibly sweet, lighter than air, crunchy treats are definitely an exciting development for anyone who fancies themselves as a candy connoisseur. The freeze-drying process removes moisture from your favorite candy, causing them to expand and get crunchy, all while maintaining and even enhancing their flavor!

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You may have even experienced freeze-dried sweets before without even knowing it! The marshmallows in popular breakfast cereals like Lucky Charms are typically freeze-dried. If you’ve ever tried any kind of Astronaut Ice Cream, this is just freeze-dried ice cream.

What is the Freeze Drying Process?

Freeze-drying, also known as lyophilization, or cryodesiccation is a process that involves removing moisture from a food item while continuing to preserve its taste, texture, and nutrients. It is achieved by freezing the product at extremely low temperatures and then subjecting it to a vacuum, causing the frozen water to evaporate directly from ice to vapor via sublimation. This process helps maintain the integrity of the food while vastly extending its shelf life.

Freeze-drying has been around since the late 19th century as a preservation technique. The process was first developed by a team of researchers led by Richard Altmann in 1890, but it was not until the 1930s that it became commercially viable.

Initially, this process showed promise in delivering medicine, blood plasma, penicillin and other pharmaceuticals to the frontlines of World War II. Often, these supplies would spoil before reaching their destination and freeze-drying allowed them to remain chemically stable and viable for use without the need for refrigeration.

The use of freeze-drying for food preservation really took off in the 1950s and 1960s and it has continued to evolve since then. One of the first mass-produced freeze-dried food products was instant coffee. Freeze-drying allows the coffee to retain its original flavor profile, making it higher quality than spray drying, which uses hot gas.

Freeze-dried candy takes advantage of the freeze-drying process to create a wildly unique texture and taste experience. A wide variety of candy products, like gummy bears, Starburst, Jolly Ranchers, taffy, and other types of bulk candy, for example, can be freeze-dried. In this process, all of the moisture is removed, resulting in a lightweight, crispy, and airy texture. The absence of water gives freeze-dried candy an extended shelf life, making it a popular choice for kid’s outings, and even space missions!

One of the reasons this type of candy became so popular, so quick is likely the result of social media. Kids are constantly interacting with videos on apps like YouTube and TikTok where ideas and products can rapidly become viral. We’ve seen this recently with various types of sour candy, such as DinDon Ju-C Jelly Bites, Toxic Waste Slime Lickers and many more!

Much of the online popularity will grow from social media challenges or a video highlighting a specific product that can quickly gain millions of views and then, poof! Suddenly, your candy store is selling out of a certain product, seemingly out of nowhere. If you ever find yourself wondering why this has happened, it is more often than not the result of an instantly viral TikTok video. Currently, the hashtag: #freezedriedcandy has over 2.5 billion views on TikTok.

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Of course, you could make these at home with your own freeze-dried candy machine, but even a basic freeze-dryer can easily run your family upwards of $2,000. Luckily for you, our candy warehouse is stocked with new, delicious freeze-dried candy products from Irving, Texas company Sow Good.

Introducing Freeze-Dried Candy Products From Sow Good!

Redstone Foods is proud to announce our distribution of Sow Good’s freeze-dried candy lineup of products. These feature a variety of fun, bite-sized snacks that bring an exciting new twist to the candy market. Have you ever had a gummy bear that is crunchy? We know it may sound crazy, but these puffy, irresistibly sweet treats are light and crispy at first, but then the candy quickly melts in your mouth, creating a unique texture experience that simply cannot be beat!

One thing you’ll find intriguing is that by removing the moisture, the flavors of the candy will come out stronger. Being dry, the sensation, texture and flavor will be somewhat reminiscent of cotton candy. As they expand and fill with air from the dehydration process, they will come out as shapes that kind of resemble that of Cheetos. This is especially true with the freeze-dried gummy worms.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting freeze-dried candies from Sow Good.

Sow Good Freeze-Dried Rainbow Bites - Bursting with Color and Flavor

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Indulge in Sow Good's Freeze-Dried Rainbow Bites, a delightful blend of vibrant fruity flavors. These guilt-free snacks offer a burst of color and flavor in every bite. Made from classic Skittles, these are crunchy, not chewy, so they won’t stick to your teeth! Experience a burst of color and flavor with Sow Good's Freeze-Dried Rainbow Bites.

These delectable treats are as visually stunning as they are delicious, bringing a vibrant and playful touch to your snacking experience. Each bite-sized piece is carefully freeze-dried to preserve its natural colors, ensuring that every bag is a mesmerizing assortment of red, yellow, green, orange, and purple. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and indulge in a rainbow of fruity goodness!

These are also available in sour flavor, and smothered in chamoy!

Sow Good Freeze-Dried Crunchy Worms – Wild and Daring!

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Experience the thrill of Sow Good's Freeze-Dried Crunchy Worms, a unique snacking adventure that combines a little scientific experimentation with incredibly bold flavors. These crunchy treats offer a quick sugary snack, while also satisfying your cravings for excitement. Unleash your wild side and dive into a candy exploration like no other. The flavor is so intense that you can satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with fewer bites. Try Sow Good's Freeze-Dried Crunchy Worms today and discover a whole new world of snacking!

Sow Good Freeze-Dried Crunchy Bears – Crunchy and Fruity Bites!

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The adorable and delicious Freeze-Dried Crunchy Bears by Sow Good will make your taste buds dance with joy. Each bear-shaped bite is meticulously freeze-dried to achieve the perfect level of crunchiness, creating a satisfying texture that enhances the flavor experience. Perfect for your all of your ASMR desires, get ready to embark on a delightful journey of taste and texture with these irresistible Crunchy Bears.

Sow Good Freeze-Dried Lil’ Mints – Refreshingly Delicious!

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Sow Good's Freeze-Dried Lil’ Mints are here to give you a refreshing burst of minty, chocolatey flavor that will awaken your senses. These delightful little morsels are meticulously crafted to capture the essence of mint in every bite. As soon as you pop one into your mouth, you'll experience a cool and invigorating sensation that will leave you craving more.

Whether you need a quick pick-me-up or just a brief moment of tranquility, these Lil Mints are the perfect companion for those refreshing and minty moments. Perfect on their own, or as a crunchy topping for your ice cream sundae, Lil’ Mints are the ideal solution to your minty-cool cravings!

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Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavor with Sow Good's Freeze-Dried Cookie Bombs. These delectable treats combine the irresistible crunch of cookies with a burst of intense flavor in every bite. Each Cookie Bomb is meticulously crafted to deliver a delightful explosion of tasty cookies that will definitely leave you craving more. Indulge in a truly sensational snacking experience that will ignite your senses and take your love for cookies to new heights.

At Redstone Foods, we’re always excited about introducing new products like these to the market. With the advent of freeze-dried candies, consumers have something new and exciting to experience when they reach for their favorite snacks.

As America’s Favorite Candy Distributor, Redstone Foods offers the highest level of customer service in the industry. Sign up for an account with us online, or give us a call to experience the best we have to offer!